Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Juan Zhou, Xiang Hu Chen

Abstract: A single model can hardly describe all viruses because computer viruses replicate in a variety of ways. Therefore, this paper proposes a...

Authors: Hong Xing Li, Dong Hong Fan, Xiao Zhu Zhou

Abstract: This paper studies the design of robust H∞ controller for stochastic wind power generation systems. Assuming the system is convex...

Authors: Ming Xiang Guan, Yun Feng Xing, Xue Yuan Wan

Abstract: Multicast delivery has become more and more important in modern multimedia applications for broadband satellites over ATM networks....

Authors: Ming Xiang Guan, Xue Yuan Wan, Le Wang

Abstract: To detect and receive the high dynamic and high information-rate signal for communication platform in the stratosphere, it is necessary to...

Authors: Si Bo Ding

Abstract: In service networks, the location of servers and allocation of demand nodes to them have a strong impact on the congestion at each server....

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhong

Abstract: It is proposed the method based on particle movement to simulate flow in this paper. The force on particles can be obtained from N-S...

Authors: Tao Wang, Li Wen Wang, Qing Jian Liu

Abstract: The reconfiguration technology of CNC system is divided into two interactive levels: hardware system reconfiguration and software system...

Authors: Bo Huang, Wei Dong Meng, Yu Yu Li

Abstract: This paper developed an EOQ model, in which the demand follows a general distribution, under the assumption that lead time can be shortened...

Authors: Feng Zhao, Yun Jie Zhang, Min Cai

Abstract: Maximum likelihood estimation is a very popular method to estimate the independent component analysis model because of good performance....

Authors: Hong He, Cong Cong Wu, Hang Li, Tong Yang, Lin He, Ying He

Abstract: The Smart Antenna which can adaptively track the user signals plays an important role in reducing the interferences among users in TD-SCDMA....


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