Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong He, Shuai Bao, Hang Li, Da Jian Zhang, Ming Feng Hou

Abstract: The basic principle of switching power supply EMI filter was described. The circuit principle of passive EMI filter and several topology...

Authors: Yan Gao

Abstract: For poor accuracy of detection of the urban traffic network classification, the Support Vector Machine (SVM)is applied to classification of...

Authors: Sheng Yong Xu, De Hua Li, Zhu Li, Qing Wei

Abstract: Calibration is an essential work in three-dimensional scanning system. The operation of existing calibration is complex and tedious. In this...

Authors: Chuan Wei Zhang

Abstract: This paper discusses different united brake control strategies of electric vehicle (EV), presents a novel H robust united brake...

Authors: Ming Fa Zheng, Bing Jie Li, Guang Xing Kou

Abstract: In this paper, based on bifuzzy theory, we have studied the multiobjective programming problem under bifuzzy environment, and presented the...

Authors: Hong He, Hong Dong, Tong Yang, Lin He, Yi Wu

Abstract: In resent years, secure communication is becoming one of the study hotspot in information safety. Secure communication is a way of...

Authors: Chun Na Zhao, Yu Zhao, Li Ming Luo, Ying Shun Li

Abstract: Course evaluation is an important and necessary means to improve the level of course. A new course evaluation method based on fractional...

Authors: Jian Chun Ke

Abstract: A challenge to the tranditional awareness looms larger and lager nowadays. In the 21st century, enterprises must build up a strategy of...

Authors: Pei Guo Hou, Yue Zhang, Yu Tian Wang, Jin Zhao

Abstract: A hybrid fiber optically powered current transformer with the Hall element is studied and developed in this paper. The sensing probe is the...

Authors: Yan Ma, Chun Xiao Xia, Guang Wei Fan, Lan Ma

Abstract: Customer misbehavior tends to descend service delivery efficiency and social civilization and has become an important and difficult problem...


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