Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Hui Deng, Fang Yang, Run Tao Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a robust image watermarking method based on bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition against geometric...

Authors: Li Qing Meng, Shi Zhe Chen, Yan Wu, Xue Feng Shu

Abstract: Projectile impact test is carried out to investigate damage and failure behaviour under different impact velocity from 90m/s to 160m/s....

Authors: Yu Hu, Ling Zheng

Abstract: This paper describes a model of immune intrusion detection in which an independent form is introduced in. Immune intrusion detection...

Authors: Tai Li, Z.C. Ji, Li Zhao

Abstract: In order to keep the stable power output of wind turbine,the bp neural network controller is designed for the pitch angle control agencies...

Authors: Liang Huang, Bo Wang, Jian Guo Xu

Abstract: The mechanical model of magneto rheological damper(MRD) is established, and the numerical simulation of seismic responses of aqueduct under...

Authors: Ying Wu, An Chun Cheng, Ming Shu Wang, De Kang Zhu, Xiao Yue Chen

Abstract: The analysis of codon usage may improve our understanding of the evolution and pathogenesis of DEV(Duck enteritis virus) and allow...

Authors: Ying Wu, An Chun Cheng, Ming Shu Wang, De Kang Zhu, Xiao Yue Chen

Abstract: A 561-bp complete open reading frame of the duck enteritis virus(DEV) UL55 gene (GenBank accession No EU071034) was isolated in our...

Authors: Tian Hong Zhao, Jun Li Wang, Yan Wang, Ying Cao

Abstract: Open-top chambers (OTCs) were used to investigate the mechanism of antioxidant enzymes to eliminate reactive oxygen species (ROS) of plants...

Authors: Zhen Luo, Zhi Shu Li, Biao Cai

Abstract: In an open P2P network environment, it’s full of various malicious actions ,dishonesty, deceit, selfish and so on. So it’s necessary to...

Authors: Li Pu Zhang, Ying Hong Xu

Abstract: The central path is the most important in the design of interior-point algorithm for linear optimization. By an equivalence reformulation...


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