Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Pu Zhang, Ying Hong Xu

Abstract: Through some modifications on the classical-Newton direction, we obtain a new searching direction for monotone horizontal linear...

Authors: Qiu Jun Guo, You De Zheng

Abstract: Anticorruption is becoming one of the most important problems in the world. Therefore, we established a mechanism to analyze the information...

Authors: Guang Yong Yang, Shui Jin Chen, Guo Qing Hu, Jian Wei Zhang

Abstract: The nonlinear output properties of scattered triangulation laser displacement measurement sensors with charged-coupled devices (CCDs) ware...

Authors: Wei Kang, Li Xia Zhang, Zhen Lei

Abstract: The double closed-loop control system of current source SPWM inverter (CSI) is designed to meet the need of battery pack testing system. The...

Authors: Hua Jiang, Tong Lai Liu, Han Lei He

Abstract: Based on the establishment of data warehouse of the decision support model of the SMT assembling quality control, this paper relies its...

Authors: Xian Zhi Tian

Abstract: Knowledge discovering is a broad definition of data mining. Knowledge discovering is widely used in many different fields to find out some...

Authors: Hui Hui Wang, Chang Xu Ji, Dong Zhi Shan

Abstract: In comprehensive passenger transportation terminal, the passenger congestion is one of major problems and thus many ways have been taken to...

Authors: Xiang Yu Wan, Peng Jia

Abstract: In this paper, we present an agent-based computer simulation model to analyze the dynamic relationship between economic growth and income...

Authors: Yan Guo Shi, Bing Yu Sun

Abstract: The SPI was applied in food industry widely, but its functionalities may change during storage. The effect of store temperature, time, RH...

Authors: Wei Xian Xue, Jun Liu

Abstract: All domestic and foreign literatures on obstacle factors of urbanization process are statistically analyzed by using Meta-analysis method,...


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