Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Sheng Wei, Zhao Ji Hu, Ya Fang Zhang

Abstract: The generation of ozone is efficient by using short high-voltage combined with a dielectric layer placed adjacent to the outer electrode in...

Authors: Ping Lv, Dong Liu, Fei Fei Zhao

Abstract: Aiming at water security issues existed in water resources development and utilization, studied the water resources carrying capacities of...

Authors: Zhi Min Dai, Lu Guo

Abstract: Innovation lies in a breakthrough has its own unique view, concrete expression to generate a novel and unique, there is social value or...

Authors: Kai Ming Xu

Abstract: For steel truss suspension bridges, traditional construction methods always have their disadvantages. This paper firstly points out the...

Authors: Gang Ma, Guo Jian Cheng, Liu Mei Zhang

Abstract: A blind fragile watermarking algorithm based on LSB is proposed in this paper. The watermark is made up of the CRC-32 value of an original...

Authors: Yue Fen Wang

Abstract: This paper explores building excellent corporate culture, implement cultural management to enterprises, and enhance the competitiveness of...

Authors: Yuan Xie

Abstract: A kind of unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem is discussed. The memberships of fuzzy due dates denote the grades of satisfaction...

Authors: Peng Fei Peng, Zhong Liu, Jun Jiang

Abstract: The basic composing and functions of underwater autonomous weapon system are analyzed in the paper. With researching on the process of...

Authors: Xia Dong, Ke Dian Wang, Jun Wei Cao, Xue Song Mei

Abstract: The perception module system of the virtual human in dangerous circumstances is studied mainly. The decision-making model based on emotion...

Authors: Nan Ping Liu, Xiang Bo Song, Ke Wen Xia, Yuan Shi

Abstract: Ultra-wideband(UWB) is currently one of three new technologies of wireless communication. Multi-user detection technique is mainly used to...


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