Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Li, Xiao Xia Lu

Abstract: By combining fuzzy support vector machine with rough set, we propose a rough margin based fuzzy support vector machine (RFSVM). It inherits...

Authors: Yong Qing Gu, Wei Zhang, Li Li, Kang Kang, Jun Peng Wei, Cheng Xing Cui

Abstract: This paper explicates the feasibility of the application of computer technology to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by means of two...

Authors: Yang Zhao, Yue Feng, Qi Yong Wen

Abstract: Power system short circuit and fault current detection circuit breaker is a hybrid produced the basis for action, rapid detection methods...

Authors: Fu Rong Ma, Xin Gui Zhang, Nian Ping Yi

Abstract: The mudstone is formed under the special environment with soft-hard alternant strata in Nanning Basin . The composition,engineering and...

Authors: Li Li, Yong Qing Gu, Wei Zhang, Mei Ying Qiao, Hong Shen

Abstract: The present thesis proposes the controlling program to separate the particle materials by making use of low-frequency ultrasonic wave, and...

Authors: Feng Hua Wen, Gui Tian Rao, Xiao Guang Yang

Abstract: As a core component of the prospect theory, a value function is employed to characterize the subjective experience of a decision-maker’s...

Authors: Cheng Chang Zhang, Li Sheng Yang, Xiao Ping Hu, Hong Yang, Ping Li

Abstract: A novel clock synchronization scheme is proposed in this paper, which smartly takes the advantages of the inner delay-locked loop(DLL) to...

Authors: A Hong He, Chuan Long Luo, Tian Bao Hu, Xiu Li Wang

Abstract: Using AHP to constitute a structure of coal industry technology system ,tried to obtain the contributions to the development of coal...

Authors: Xin Yi Bu, Fang Zhou Teng

Abstract: It is usually observed in the supermarkets that display of deteriorating items. These items are with short shelf life and difficult to be...

Authors: Ning Sun, Yin Xing Liang, Zhen Tong

Abstract: The properties of the fiber material, which prepared from the high-performance heterocyclic polymer...


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