Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Yi Cheng, Chen Cheng, Qian Zhu

Abstract: As a sort of formalizing tool of knowledge representation, Description Logics have been successfully applied in Information System, Software...

Authors: Wei Pan, Xian Jia Wang, Yong Guang Zhong, Lun Ran

Abstract: The objective of this article is to study the order allocation problems in a stochastic supply chain. This supply chain consists of a...

Authors: Li Cui Zhang, Xu Xu, Zhi Gang Wang, Ping Xiao, Xiao Fei Xu

Abstract: Currently, the research on Vehicular Ad hoc Networks(VANETs) is hot. Vehicular movement model is an important factor, which affects the...

Authors: Li Cui Zhang, Zhi Gang Wang, Tao Wang, Yong Shi Sun, Xiao Fei Xu

Abstract: DATA flooding attack is a serious menace for the security of on-demand routing protocol in Ad Hoc networks. In the paper, on the basis of...

Authors: Yu Mei Li, Bin Zhao, Xin Ping Guan

Abstract: This paper presents the unbiased H∞ filter design for stochastic systems with data packet losses. By constructing unbiased filter, the...

Authors: Yun Jie Zhang, Na Xin Chen, Peng Yan

Abstract: The previous discussion about type-2 fuzzy reasoning mechanisms just paid attentions to Mamdani models based on Mamdani implication...

Authors: Bao Xiang Cao, Xiao Na Xia, Ji Guo Yu

Abstract: Expand the self-awareness and self-(decision-making) ability of agent, unify the definition about process, resource and service, then this...

Authors: Yan Bo Zhang, Zhi Qiang Kang, Ying Chun Wang

Abstract: Initial stress anchor wire anchoring technology has the merits of fast speed, small perturbation and economic when healing unstable rock...

Authors: Chun Li Xie, Dan Dan Zhao, Juan Wang, Cheng Shao

Abstract: Parameters selection plays an important role for the performance of least squares support vector machines (LS-SVM). In this paper, a novel...

Authors: Bo Huang, Yu Yu Li, Bin Dan

Abstract: This paper studies how to design a mechanism to control the quality of final product and components. Considering that ATO supply chain is...


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