Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hu Ran Liu

Abstract: This paper re-defined the concept of conjugate axis and presented the application of this concept. Based on the research mentioned before,...

Authors: Hu Ran Liu

Abstract: A study is made of the forming theories and the computer aided design of the rotary cutting burs, for the purpose of finding the movement of...

Authors: Hu Ran Liu

Abstract: This paper deduced a new kind of discriminate equation of foot-cut of the gearing, and introduced the application of this new equation. Some...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Le Peng Song, Jun Ling Yang, Jun Zhou

Abstract: This paper presents a compound fuzzy control algorithm method having modifiable factors based on PLC, and the modified fuzzy controller and...

Authors: Cheng Ming Qi

Abstract: Ant algorithms are a recently developed, population-based approach which was inspired by the observation of the behavior of ant colonies....

Authors: Cheng Ming Qi

Abstract: An Adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed. Algorithm combines with pareto local search (PLS) method and adaptively...

Authors: Shou Peng Wan, Jian Ming Wang, Lei Jia, Yuan Yuan Zhang, Xing Da Lu

Abstract: Sufu, the Chinese famous fermented soybean curd, is similar in process technology and procedure to Camembert cheese. In this paper, the...

Authors: Le Peng Song, Zhi Ming Dong, Rui Zhang

Abstract: In order to most effectively utilize the wind energy and improve the eficiency of wind generation system,an optimum control strategy of...

Authors: Wei Tan, Xi Fan Yao

Abstract: Targed to realize collaboration and sharing of enterprise resources,we provised a model of enterprise information management based on...

Authors: Guo Neng Li, Chen Yang Zang, Kai Li

Abstract: In order to study the nonlinearity during the start-oscillation of thermo-acoustic instability, an experimental setup was built. The growing...


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