Advanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering, IISME2011

Volumes 204-210

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Pan, Ke Li, Wei Wang, Xiao Ming Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a measure and control system in steel-making hot stove of ferroalloy mine is presented. The system can measure the...

Authors: Di Fan, Chang Zhi Lv, Mao Yong Cao

Abstract: Gabor transform is very suitable for time-frequency analysis and good for filtering non-stationary signals. The threshold of the Gabor...

Authors: Di Fan, Chang Zhi Lv, Mao Yong Cao

Abstract: Sediment on the bottom of borehole forms a major part which is often responsible for reducing the bearing capacity of pile. The normal...

Authors: Jun Fei Wu, Wei Gao

Abstract: In order to find out the advantages and shortcomings of two line types of three-thread single-screw pump, the comparative analysis method is...

Authors: Xiao Li Xiong, Chen Bin Shao

Abstract: The potential to remove xylenol orange (XO) from aqueous solutions through adsorption on γ-cyclodextrin-grafted carboxymethyl cellulose...

Authors: Hui Xian Huang, Juan Gong, Te Zhang

Abstract: According to multi-resolution analysis of wavelet threshold denoising principle, this paper presented two improved algorithms of continuity...

Authors: Xiao Han Sun

Abstract: Lottery scratch-off game is popular in our lives. However, most studies of E-lottery concentrate on the E-lottery that has a purchase period...

Authors: Xu Hui Tang, Jing Wang, Pei Guo Hou

Abstract: The IEEE1451.4 is a new standard for plug and play sensors.The standard defines a mechanism for self-description and self-indentification...

Authors: Yue Quan Yang, Jian Mei Jiang, Tian Ping Zhang, Yang Yi, Qing Zhu

Abstract: Delay-dependent H2/H∞ control is studied for a class of switched T-S fuzzy systems. The sufficient condition for delay-dependent...

Authors: Shao Hong Cai, Ren Fa Li

Abstract: This paper studies the production effectiveness of industrial cluster production and recycling production from the dual perspective of the...


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