Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Gang Zhu, An Xian Lu, Cheng Gang Zuo, Wei Qun Shen

Abstract: The present investigation aims at elucidating the photoluminescence (PL) behaviour of Tb3+ doped...

Authors: Hong Cheng Pan, Dun Nan Li, Jiang Tao Liu, Jian Ping Li, Wen Yuan Zhu, Rong Jing Cui

Abstract: The role of xanthine in the growth process of Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) was clarified by Uv-vis absorption spectra, resonance light...

Authors: Su Ying Wu, Ping Wang

Abstract: This study had conducted a comparative study on storage navel orange with tourmaline carton and ordinary carton,The effect of preservation...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Xuan Pu Dong, Wen Jun Wang, Rong Ma, Ke Li, Zi Tian Fan

Abstract: A rotating gas bubble stirring technique with specially designed equipment has been developed for the production of light alloy semi-solid...

Authors: Huan Yang, Da Jun Chen, Hua Zhao

Abstract: The objective of this study is to find effective and economical cement grout system for preventing corrosive gas. In this paper, in order to...

Authors: Ya Ni Zhang, Mao Sheng Zheng, Jie Wu Zhu

Abstract: The potentiodynamic polarization and cyclic voltommogroms studies were carried out on the copper with micro-addition of Cr and Zr in...

Authors: Meng Han Wang, Zhi Min Xu, Yu Feng Li, Jie Zhou

Abstract: In order to reveal the forming laws,eliminate the forming defects appearing in the typical aluminum alloy web-rib parts,two types of...

Authors: Yu Hong Wang, Wei Juan Li, Lan Jin

Abstract: In this thesis, based on the low-carbon bainitic steel HQ785, isothermal transformation tests are carried out on the Gleeble-3500...

Authors: Hua Dian Wen, Xiao Ting Xiao, Kai Zhang, Ying Chen

Abstract: Multi-way tube on air conditioning header is considered as the research objective .Finite element simulation method is utilized to simulate...

Authors: Xiao Xue Liao, Hai Sheng Tan, Ming Chao Luo, Bing Tang, Shuang Quan Liao, Xiao Di Wei

Abstract: The effects of the ratios of natural rubber latex (NRL)and chloroprene rubber latex(CRL) and the type of compatibilizer on physical and...


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