Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Zhang, Lin Lin, Min Chen, Hai Lin, Xin Zhao

Abstract: Dominant 794nm wavelength upconversion emission, which originates from the Tm3+:...

Authors: Ling Ling Meng, Xin Min Huang, Qu Fu Wei

Abstract: PET(polyester) plain woven fabric deposited with nano-structured silver thin film was prepared by RF (radio frequency) magnetron sputtering...

Authors: Dong Ping Zhan, Hui Shu Zhang, Zhou Hua Jiang, Wei Gong, Zhao Ping Chen

Abstract: About 80 kg low carbon steel was refined in a multifunction ladle furnace (AC-LF) with alternating current supplying. The argon-hydrogen gas...

Authors: Li Guang Tan, Xiao Ting Xiao, Li Cheng Huang, Qiao Yu Chen

Abstract: To satisfy the forming need of single-basin with a flange, sensitivity analysis is used to optimize the shape on the basis of the initial...

Authors: Yan Yu, Feng Xue Wang, Jun Chen, Zhen Liu

Abstract: This paper takes the butt joint of axle case steel as research object, simulates the real-time three dimensional dynamics CO2...

Authors: Jiang Lin Qin

Abstract: Efficient methods of non-destructively measuring chlorophyll content (Chl) across a wide range of greenness in grape leaves are necessary...

Authors: Shu Gang Hu, Hai Li Niu, Xian Jun Lu

Abstract: The blast-furnace slag (BFS)has been characterized by chemical and phase composition to evaluate its hydration reactivity. It has high...

Authors: Hui Zhong Li, Xiao Peng Liang, Min Song, Min Zeng

Abstract: The flow behavior of a 7039 aluminum alloy and the corresponding microstructural evolution during hot deformation were studied by...

Authors: Ming Chao Qi, Xiao Xuan Li, Zhong Qi Jia

Abstract: Ballast-less slab track is the primary structure form of the modern high-speed railway, and cements phalt mortar is the most important...

Authors: Xiang Qing Li, Li Fang Liu, Shi Zhao Kang, Jin Mu, Guo Dong Li

Abstract: The visible-light photocatalytic activity of titanate nanotubes (TiNTs) sensitized by 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP),...


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