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Authors: Cheng Yang, Hong Song Song, Da Bo Liu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The composites with high permittivity and low dielectric loss were obtained. The fillers were the core@shell structure of the self-passivated...
Authors: Ya Ge Xing, Qing Lian Xu, Ya Jun Sun, Xi Hong Li, Wei Li Li
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:In this investigation, antibacterial property of active packaging of microencapsulated cinnamon oil combined with ZnO-coated PVC film was...
Authors: Chong Su, Li Da Zhu, Wan Shan Wang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Cutting processes of single abrasive grain were simulated respectively by fluid-solid interaction method and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics...
Authors: Ya Jun Chen, Shi Qiang Liu, Xiao Ping Lin, Zhi Ping Wang, Li Jun Wang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Thermal barrier coating (TBC), which consisted of a NiCoCrAlY bond coat (BC) and a ZrO2-8 wt.%Y2O3 topcoat...
Authors: Ying Wang, Ping Li
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The CO2/H2S corrosion behaviors of oil tube steels N80 and P110 at different H2S partial pressure (0.2psi,...
Authors: Zhao Hui Han, Pei Xian Zhu, Xiu Qin Yang, Jian Xu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The Ti-Al composite electrode materials was prepared by hot press diffusion bonding in this article, and by the scanning electron microscopy...
Authors: Xin Hua Liu, Qing Hui Wang, Yu Lan Rui
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The influence of amino acids on the corrosion behaviour of steel in H2SO4 solutions was studied by potentiodynamic...
Authors: Jia Min Zhang, Ming Yi Zhu, Zhao Xun Lian
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The impacts of multi-monomers melt grafting blends of maleic anhydride(MAH) and Styrene (St) on the crystallization behavior, morphology and...
Authors: Xing Huang, Li Jun Jiang, Mao Lin Hu, Xin Hua Li
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:3D nanoporous coordination framework [Ni2(nic)4(H2O)]n (nic=Nicotinic acid) was obtained...
Authors: Bao Jie Fu, Min Tu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:High stress makes backfill body present the rheological properties in deep mine. This paper first uses RRTS-ⅢA to carry on creep test of...
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