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Authors: Qiang Zheng, Hui Qing Liu, Zhan Xi Pang, Fang Li
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:By using the technology of numerical reservoir simulation, we have compared superheated steam soak with saturated steam soak in area of...
Authors: Xin Feng Zhu, Yu Bin Wang, Xiao Wang, Liu Shuan Yang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The integration process of hemihydrate calcium sulfate whiskers with optimum additives was carried out, and the influence of reagents on the...
Authors: Quan Shen, Li Fan Shen, Hai Lin, Chang Min Li
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Effective ~1.47mm and powerful ~1.8mm infrared emissions have been observed in Tm3+-doped bismuth tellurite glasses with low...
Authors: Jian Zhou, Li Jun Li, Yong Lin Yan, Wen Xiu Zhou, Ke Cheng
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:For getting higher quality and octahedron shape product Co3O4, the article studies precursor baked temperature, baked...
Authors: Yan Li Yao, Yu Jie Du, Hou Hui Yi
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Homogeneous carbon nanoparticles were synthesized by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) from acetylene with zeolite as template in an atmosphere...
Authors: Di Fang Zhao, Hong Dian Lu, Chan Gan Tian
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Zn-doped palygorskite loaded TiO2 for visible-light active catalysts were prepared by the method of liquid ion exchange and...
Authors: Ming Hua Bai, Hong Liang Zhou
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Magnetic fluid as a functional material can produce volume force under external magnetic field, for the purpose of controlling the magnetic...
Authors: Mei Yuan Ke, Zhi Yu Xiao
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The flowability of W-Ni-Fe powders was evaluated through measuring the lateral pressures at different lateral distances in warm flow...
Authors: Ming Xian Liu, Li Hua Gan, Jun Hu, Hong Lai Liu, Long Wu Chen
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:In this paper, we present a novel approach for the synthesis of carbon microspheres via the polymerization of a high internal phase emulsion...
Authors: Qin Zhang, Qing Wang, Zhen Cui Sun, Ke Yan Wang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Rare-earth-doped compounds (Sr1.85Ln0.15)FeMoO6 (Ln=Sr, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm and Eu) have been prepared by...
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