Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Guang Liu, Zhuo Cheng Ou, Zhuo Ping Duan, Yan Liu, Feng Lei Huang

Abstract: Crack propagation behaviors at a mortar-aggregate interface in concrete under dynamic tensile loading conditions are investigated...

Authors: Xin Li Bai, Ze Yu Wu, Wen Liang Ma

Abstract: According to the deformation characteristics of global side torsion buckling for rectangle thin-walled aqueduct, the critical load of side...

Authors: Zhen Yang, Shi Qun Guo

Abstract: In this work, the spatial theoretical solutions of concentrated normal forces acting in the substrate and at the interface of semi-infinite...

Authors: Ya Fang Zhang, Lin Li, Hao Liu

Abstract: With numerical modeling in meso level, impaction of incorporating polypropylene fibers with two different geometry dimensions on flexural...

Authors: Feng Han, Zheng Liang Li, Wen Liang Fan

Abstract: Response surface method has won numerous concerns in the reliability analysis of structure due to its simplicity and practicability,...

Authors: Chao Gao, Zhi Long Song, Hong Zhou Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the bodywork of lightg-duty cross-country bus, which is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic is comprehensively analysised...

Authors: Qun Mei, Jun Feng Zhu, Zuo Liang Li

Abstract: Detonation of low powder detonating fuse is studied in numerical simulation and experiments in bending conditions using LS_DYNA3D. The...

Authors: Ai Bin Xu, Feng Gao, Hong Mei Cheng, Xing Guang Liu

Abstract: The distribution and spatiotemporal evolution law of the mining-induced fracture field was studied by means of damage mechanics. The damage...

Authors: Dong Quan Yang, Hong Peng

Abstract: A finite element program for elasto-plastic analysis of 3D beams and frame structures under large displacement/rotations is developed. The...

Authors: Juan Wang, Qin Bing Li, Long Bang Qing

Abstract: In this study, an interfacial spring element model with random defects was constructed based on the four-phase material model of concrete,...


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