Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Hui Zheng

Abstract: Constructive land suitability evaluation is the premise of effectively disposing land resource. China is in the historical period that...

Authors: Jing Yuan Zhao, Qi Bo Liu

Abstract: The distribution of residential buildings is closely related to local climate conditions. This paper takes Xi’an region as its...

Authors: Hai Ping Xiao, Lan Lan Chen

Abstract: The research of "3S" integration of the deformation monitoring system, is one of the important development trend of the deformation...

Authors: Tao Sheng Liu, Sheng Xiang Huang, Li Luo, Xian Gui Zeng

Abstract: 2-D Coordinate transformation between different coordinate system including four parameters: two translations, one rotation, and one scale...

Authors: Zheng Ru Gan

Abstract: The breakthrough is usually a mine survey work with a strategy meaning for the overall work. This text analyses total station errors and...

Authors: Wen Ming Wang, Hong Nan Li, Guo Huan Liu, Li Tian

Abstract: Using ABAQUS software, three dimensional finite element model of a transmission tower-line system is created. Nonlinear seismic responses...

Authors: Zhuo Qun Zhang, Hong Nan Li

Abstract: This paper highlights a two-level optimization process combined with ant colony optimization algorithm (ACO),which is applied to design the...

Authors: Hao Zhang, Hong Nan Li, Zhe Wang

Abstract: The dynamic behavior affected by strain rate effect of the high-rise reinforced concrete shear wall structure subjected to seismic loading...

Authors: Xiao Guang Wang, Li Xia Ma, Fan Ying Meng

Abstract: In order to satisfy tunnel engineering survey and rapid transit railway engineering survey, this paper makes a study of the relationship...

Authors: Hong Hu Wei, Yan Bao

Abstract: Based on theoretical models,the accuracy is analyzed to earthwork calculation in grid method under different terrain rolling rates,...


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