Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Peng Wu

Abstract: Bi-stable structure can be stable in both its extended and coiled forms. As a novel deployable structure, it shows a broad application...

Authors: Fu Liang Mei, Xiang Song Wu, Guang Ping Lin

Abstract: The numerical simulation of two-phase oil-water flows in a low permeability reservoir was carried out by means of an increment-dimension...

Authors: Chan Li, Xue Xia Zhang, Jian Zhang, Xiao Chao Cui

Abstract: The cracks-tip field on ModeⅡperiodic cracks of infinite orthotropic fiber reinforcement composite plate subjected to the concentrated force...

Authors: Lang Cao, Xing Jie Xing, Feng Guang Ge

Abstract: According to the bending equation and boundary conditions of skew plate in the oblique coordinates system parallel to the edge of the plate,...

Authors: Wen Xia Yue, Lang Wu, Li Min Cheng

Abstract: This paper shows that different materials have different quadratic functions, tensor function theory can make the function of history to...

Authors: Xue Hai Wang, Ya Mei Liu, Qi Xun Lan

Abstract: The hybrid radial boundary node method is applied to solve the biharmonic problems. Based on modified variational principle, the variational...

Authors: Ya Juan Chen, Xin Chun Shang

Abstract: With regard to viscoelasticity, we can’t use elastic-viscoelastic corresponding principle in quasi-static situation in view of dynamic...

Authors: Li Xin Huang, Qi Yao, Lin Wang, Xiao Jun Zhou

Abstract: An inverse analysis algorithm is proposed to identify the material parameters of functional graded materials (FGMs). The inverse analysis of...

Authors: Xing Pei Liang, Hui Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the anti-calculated method for the static pressure associated with the silo structure is developed and the strain sensitivity...

Authors: Hong Sheng Cai, Xing Pei Liang, Jin Feng Geng, Hui Wang

Abstract: The objective of this study is to develop a finite element analysis model that simulates the temperature profile in concrete-filled steel...


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