Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiong Jun He, Nguyen Phan Anh, Jiu Si Liu, Jing Ju Xiang, Xiao Yang Luo

Abstract: For lack of flexible description and the increasing complexity of data input, traditional modeling methods can not meet the demand of fast...

Authors: You Xi Wang

Abstract: Constructing a building electricity laboratory needs much fund because relevant equipment is developing fast. The virtual building...

Authors: Jing Yan, Ya Wu Zeng, Rui Gao

Abstract: For the research of beam’s deformation, material mechanics uses equation of small deflection curve which neglects 1st...

Authors: Xiao Xia Zhang, Xiao Feng Yang, Lian Hua Hu, Dong Lai Li, Jin Cheng Zhang

Abstract: A modeling method of tower crane flexible attachments based on ANSYS is researched for more practical crane. Form-finding is used to model...

Authors: Bing Chen, Zhong Jun Yin, Jing Yang, Cheng Ye Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of computer technology, more and more finite element analysis software is applied to the field of structural...

Authors: Shi Cai Chen, Xiao Ming Tian, Chun Yang Liu

Abstract: In order to analyze the behavior of building structures in a real fire, a numerical method is proposed, which employs fire zone model to...

Authors: Ze Guang Han, Xin Fang Song, Rui Qin Hao

Abstract: The joint between all plains in unit sheet aluminum curtain wall which is hanged on main body architecture is plugboard combination. The...

Authors: Zhao Ming

Abstract: Concrete is a mainly and commonly good combined construction material, and is consisted of many well-defined components, so mechanical...

Authors: Shuang Li, Chang Hai Zhai, Li Li Xie

Abstract: This paper presents an evaluation of accuracies of a plastic hinge (PH) beam element and a spread plastic (SP) beam element for structural...

Authors: Pu Xing, Shi Lin Luo, Cun Bo Liu, Cong Feng Tian

Abstract: According to the hydraulic driven system working principle of crawler bulldozer, the simulation model of electro-hydraulic proportional...


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