Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Lin Wu, Shi He Qin, Yao Li, Xiao Fan Du

Abstract: In combination with the practice of a pumped storage hydropower station, a 3-D nonlinear finite element method on the preloading filling...

Authors: Jin Long Wang

Abstract: A mathematic model on the optimum design of the gas station roof was established, and made an optimization to its grid structure parameters...

Authors: Zhi Guo Chang

Abstract: In the paper, some difficulties and their solutions, about drawings, detailed drawings and CNC data output based on three-dimensional solid...

Authors: You Liang Fang, Bing Yin Gao, Jing Yao Duan

Abstract: In this paper, different types of steel frame structure under earthquake are adopted as the analyzed object of structural collapse. Seismic...

Authors: You Liang Fang, Zhen Zong Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, different destruction forms of spatial grid structure are analyzed based on LS-DYNA. The key members of structure are studied...

Authors: Kang Jie Shao, Stephen Rees, Peter Cleall

Abstract: A two-dimensional simulation of earth-contact heat transfer by applying the finite element method is presented. Relevant thermal properties...

Authors: Dan Li

Abstract: The secondary development under the environment of above the version of AutoCAD 2005 is that the design norms of highway project as the...

Authors: Xiu Bin Gong, Chuan Ming Li, Jian Guo Yang

Abstract: Due to the complexity of blasting demolition of building structures, it is difficult to obtain an accurate enough approach for quantitative...

Authors: Qing Wei, Hao Zhang, Zhi Jing Liu

Abstract: This paper presents a new recognition method for human motion, which is represented by Haar wavelet transform and recognized by Coupled...

Authors: An Zhi Yan, Xiao Hua Li

Abstract: Many Literatures pay attention to the location and parameter optimization of Tuned Mass Damper (TMD). Yet there are few studies on the case...


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