Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Jing Tu, Wei Min Feng

Abstract: Informationization of construction resource and integration management of construction project is the key technology to achieve the project...

Authors: Rong Yau Huang, Li Hsu Yeh, Hao Hsien Chen, Jyh Dong Lin, Ping Fu Chen, Po Hsun Sung, Jyh Tyng Yau

Abstract: This study examines construction waste generation and management in Taiwan. We verify the factors probable affecting the output of...

Authors: Xin He, Yong Yao, Hong Wen Xia, You Wen Su, Gang Liu

Abstract: A fuzzy neural network (FNN) model embedded with a modified particle swarm optimizer (MPSO) is proposed in this study for cost estimation of...

Authors: Qian Wu, Shu Hua Gao, Hua Tang

Abstract: Combination with the characteristics of large public buildings, taking well considerations of maintenance of buildings on safety and...

Authors: Cheng Hua Li, Yun Xiu Sai, Hui Mao

Abstract: Recently, safety accident emergency management of construction project is an important issue not only for investors and governments but also...

Authors: Ge Liu, Feng Li

Abstract: According to the characteristics of subway construction in Tianjin, a risk assessment indicator system has been established in subway...

Authors: Chun Jie Ma, Gong Li Cao

Abstract: At present, there are a lot of means analyzing high-rise building fire risk index, but few of these combine the multi-criteria decision and...

Authors: Qian Wu, Shu Hua Gao, Hua Tang

Abstract: In order to promote the development of crisis management in large-scale public buildings, to make solutions for the insufficient crisis...

Authors: Wei Liang, Xin Yi Song, Shou Qing Wang

Abstract: Although the infrastructure development projects under PPP operation which can fill the funding gap as a result of increasing demand for...

Authors: Guang Bin Wang, Gui You He, Li Bian

Abstract: Due to the great negative impact, the construction industry needs to undergo a paradigm shift from traditional construction to sustainable...


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