Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Feng Li, Yue Shen, Li Jiao Xu, Yuan Suo

Abstract: “Code of valuation with bill quantity of construction works”(GB50500-2008)published in July 2008 proposes a new concept of “Bidding Control...

Authors: Song Sen Yang, Jing Xu

Abstract: Construction claims are contractor's legitimate rights from contract. And it is also the legal means to maintain economic interests. The...

Authors: Ai Jun Zhang, Ming Zhou Bai, Zhao Yi Xu

Abstract: With Beijing subway Suzhou street station project, the composition of safety system for construction phase was studied. The safety...

Authors: Fei Lian Zhang, Wei Wei Han, Yun Chen

Abstract: Four factors which are connected with effectiveness of team learning were defined, and they were motivation of knowledge learning, ability...

Authors: Yan Zhang, Chang Jiang Liu

Abstract: In the field of engineering and construction, unqualified construction quality, time delays, cost more than expected phenomena to occur....

Authors: Qing Shuang, Yong Bo Yuan, Kai Shuang

Abstract: Bidding evaluation is a complex but important decision making process for buyer to ensure the project accomplish smoothly. Bidding...

Authors: Ai Jun Zhang, Ming Zhou Bai, Zhao Yi Xu, Peng Cheng Wang

Abstract: Aiming at the safety management of the Beijing subway line 10 in the construction, the technical system research of safety management in the...

Authors: Zhun Zhang, Yong Bo Yuan

Abstract: Construction induced vibration may cause damage of buildings, disturbance of occupants, and sensitive equipments in buildings surrounding a...

Authors: Ping Dong, Zhi Qiang Zhang, Rong Fang

Abstract: Based on practical engineering, a training model that integrates the courses of engineering, and completes the whole process of project...

Authors: Hong Yong Liu, Li Deng

Abstract: The article mainly introduced how the land auction in our country impacted the sell price of land, and through analysising the influence of...


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