Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Xue

Abstract: Baotou Inner Mongolia, the development of traditional building systems with the basic principle for regeneration, reuse, recycle and...

Authors: Shan Shan Wu

Abstract: Designing out Crime is an increasingly fashionable crime prevention approach. This paper discusses the concept of crime prevention through...

Authors: Xiao Lin Zhu, Chang Jiang Liu, Juan Liu

Abstract: Fangzi, a century town, born because of the jiaoji railway, shows modern buildings and the unique historical and cultural landscape as a...

Authors: Ming Xiao

Abstract: China’s newly constructed shopping malls in the urban areas have greatly changed citizens’ shopping and living habits, altering the fabric...

Authors: Xin Chen, Jun Hua Yu

Abstract: The green spaces of students’ living area are imperative part of campus environment in Chinese universities, but most of them are unitary...

Authors: Xi Chen Zhang, Jing Xin Hao

Abstract: People are talking about “sustainability” these days. With the development of the economy in China, great changes have taken place in the...

Authors: Jia Zhang, Shu Bin He, Guo Liang Wang, Shu Ying Qu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the deformation and strength under horizontal dynamic load of the model which acquired the first prize on the 3rd...

Authors: Shu Ting Li, Kun Zhou, Zhi Min Li

Abstract: At present in China the majority of primary and secondary schools teaching space takes “the long corridor connecting fixed ordinary...

Authors: Chang Fei Liu, Jie He, Jing An

Abstract: Through an analysis of the domestic villa design with traditional residential culture for reference, as well as the analysis of the Shanghai...

Authors: Lu Jing, Ti Lian Li

Abstract: With the constant expansion of higher education and a large scale of construction of educational buildings in recent years, the...


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