Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Feng Xu, Xin Zhao, Yi Fu

Abstract: Based on experimental research, the bearing performance of the new column (steel tube-reinforced concrete composite columns combination...

Authors: Hai Qian Cheng, Qing Hua Cheng, Kai Yin Zhang

Abstract: The pre-stressed friction loss formula in bending channel recommended by Bridge Rules was based on the uniform distribution hypothesis of...

Authors: Zhen Hua Ren, Xian Tao Zeng

Abstract: Rehabilitation of existing structures with fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) has been growing in popularity because they offer superior...

Authors: He Ping Yin, Chun Lin Li, Zhong You Xie

Abstract: Deviation rectification of buildings is an arduous task because of its technical difficulty and high risk. So far, the theory of deviation...

Authors: Hua Feng Deng, Min Zhu, Jing Guo, Tao Lu

Abstract: Chimney is the building which is high but the horizontal cross section is small, so the high altitude work surface is small and difficult to...

Authors: Bin Xie, Bin Jia, Ru Heng Wang

Abstract: The strengthening technique for the aged RC beam was introduced in this paper. A series of measures were utilized to increase the bond...

Authors: Tae Soo Kim, Min Seong Kim, S.H. Kim, Y.T. Lee, S.W. Shin

Abstract: The introduction of thin-walled stainless steel in buildings has been increased gradually for ensuring the sustainability thanks to...

Authors: Tae Soo Kim, Jin Seong Lim

Abstract: A variety of parametric studies utilizing the finite element analysis (FEA) have been performed by Kim et al in order to predict the...

Authors: Yong Hong Li

Abstract: Efficiency and stability of forward problem are important in structural optimum design. A real-time algorithm, called inversion...

Authors: Ji Yang Wang, Yi Lin Sun, Masanobu Sakashita

Abstract: A direct strut-and-tie model to calculate the ultimate shear strength of structural walls based on an interactive mechanical model (C.Y.Tang...


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