Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Liu

Abstract: How to evaluate building sustainable performance is a hot issue in the world, the paper combine the “natural energy”, “energy recycling” and...

Authors: Ya Hong Ding, Mei Xiang Zhang, Chun Sheng Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents research on 13 beams with nonprestressed and prestressed helical rib steel wire bonded in sawed grooves in the concrete...

Authors: Guo Wen Yao, Yan Li Wei, Shi Ya Li

Abstract: Three-bending experiments were performed on RC beams strengthened with prestressed CFRP under static and cycle loading. Prestressed...

Authors: Guo Wen Yao, Mao Sheng Li, Shi Ya Li

Abstract: The effect of thickness of externally bonded carbon fiber laminate (CFRP) on load-carrying capacity and failure modes was analyzed for the...

Authors: Bin Wang, Qing Hui Jiang, Chi Yao, Tao Xie

Abstract: The mechanical characteristics of jointed rocks are mainly controlled by geometrical features of intermittent joints. The failure mechanism...

Authors: Bin Wang

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental investigation of the mechanic behavior of 9 concrete-filled square steel tube columns (CFSST) subjected...

Authors: Jian Qiang Chen, Wen Bo Li, Jin Huan Zhao

Abstract: Based on the fuzzy manthematics theory,two-grade fuzzy comprehensive judgement used in reinforced concrete structure reliability appraisal...

Authors: Shun Guo Li, Qing Min Chen, Hui Li, Jian Zhu

Abstract: In the experiment of the behaviour of the connection between steel beam and concrete wall, surface FBG sensor and resistance strain gauge...

Authors: Hong Yu Qi, Jian Xie, Dong Pan, Shao Lin Li, Xiao Guang Yang

Abstract: Forged Ti-6Al-4V welded structure by electronic beam welding (EBW) as integrally bladed disk (blisk) structure in advanced aero-engine has...

Authors: Zhen Xiao, Jin Wu

Abstract: Due to the volume expansion of corroded rebar products, the cracking of the concrete cover would occur, and has a serious impact on the...


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