Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Ning Xing, Wei Lin Zhao

Abstract: The flow of gas and solid particles in DD-precalciner in the cement plant with capacity of 5000t/d was studied by numerical calculation...

Authors: Jian Ping Han, Jiong Qian, Pei Juan Zheng

Abstract: Damage occurs in components and joints while the structure is affected by strong ground motions. Dynamic characteristics of the structure...

Authors: Hui Mi Hsu, Sao Jeng Chao, Jia Ruey Chang

Abstract: The pavement condition index (PCI), a numerical rating from 0 to 100, gives a good indication of the pavement condition. However, the...

Authors: Zhen Liu, Bin Zhang, Xiong Bill Yu

Abstract: The chemical hydration involves complex multiphysical processes including mass and energy transfer, chemical reactions and consequently...

Authors: Zhen Liu, Xin Bao Yu, Javanni Gonzalez, Xiong Bill Yu

Abstract: Freeze-thaw is a major source of damages for infrastructures located in cold regions. Investigating the effects of freeze-thaw on soil...

Authors: Hong Yan Liu, Ming Wang

Abstract: On basis of the existed TCK model, the establishment process of a new rock blasting damage model is discussed by considering the...

Authors: Hong Yan Liu, Hui Zhang

Abstract: Shock accumulation damage failure of rock is often seen in engineering at present. The damage model based on stress wave attenuation is...


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