Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Hu Mu, Wei Ma, Zhi Zhong Sun, Yong Zhi Liu

Abstract: Crushed rock materials had been utilized extensively upon embankments, termed as crushed rock embankment (CRE), along the Qinghai-Tibet...

Authors: Rong Hua Ye, Gan Bin Liu, Jun Neng Ye

Abstract: The foundation pit of Fuqing road station is the first one to be excavated in Ningbo urban rail transit project. To ensure the safety of the...

Authors: Yue Lei He, Wen Liang Zhu, Ji Kun, Bin Zeng, Chen Yang

Abstract: Short-wave irregularity of top rail has great influence on status of both train operation and rail track. Based on the non-contact...

Authors: Ping Rui Zhao

Abstract: The loads and load combination in ballastless track design was briefly introduced. The influence of cracks to the track slab flexural...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Zhou, Liang Fan

Abstract: A new method of widening mountainous highway with T-shaped Integer Cantilevered Road was proposed for steep mountainous areas. Its design...

Authors: Jing Fang

Abstract: Achievement of sustainable urban transport requires a means of determining whether progress is being made towards sustainable urban...

Authors: Yu Guang Chen, Wei Cheng, Hai Cheng Xiao

Abstract: Traditional traffic signal timing theory default the number of vehicles through the stop line per unit time as traffic demand. The...

Authors: Yan Liu, Zhao Sheng Yang, Feng Liu

Abstract: This paper provides a contribution to the issue of signal control in a sensitive junction under disaster conditions. A signal control...

Authors: Chen Ken

Abstract: The optimum selection of instrument flight procedure design scheme is very important to the enhancement of capacity of terminal area, and to...

Authors: Ming Wei He, Min He, Xiao Qing Yang, Qing Qian Zhao

Abstract: The researches on competitive mode choice behavior between electric bike and bike are useful for the analysis and forecasting of traffic...


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