Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zeng Zhong Wang, Li Chu Fan, Mark Hastak

Abstract: Optimizing investment funding levels and combinations of treatment types and timings, as an aid to management decision making, are vital...

Authors: Yu Ping Wang, Chao Qun Ma

Abstract: To take full advantage of urban rail transit (URT), it needs the cooperation of bus from capacity, station spacing, network, and hub. The...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Wen Hu Qin, Tie Jun He, Wei Nong Li

Abstract: Investigation at scene is the key issue to Scene Traffic Accident Reconstruction(TAR). Although the photogrammetry technique is widely...

Authors: Jian Xiao Chen, Jing Fang

Abstract: Introduction and innovation of PPP mode can attract more private capital to involve urban rail transit construction and enhance overall...

Authors: Peng Wang, Wei Dong Huang

Abstract: To solve the vibration problem caused by viaduct, first we summarize the theory about transmit of vibration systemic, then based on the...

Authors: Yu Chun Zhang, Chuan He, Yong Fang, Xiao Qin Sun

Abstract: Based on the tunnel environment and the characteristic of flammability and explosion of liquefied petroleum gas (LGP), the leak of LPG...

Authors: Meng Gong, Qing Zhang, Ming Liu

Abstract: It is the key factor that the barge adjustment of large-scale structures’ ro-ro ship when the structure moves onto the barge. Generally, the...

Authors: Jiang Shen, Yun Tao Wang

Abstract: The Panama Canal Authority has special requirements on “Size and Draught Limitation of vessels” when a vessel transit through the Panama...

Authors: Hong Lei Zhao, Ji Peng Liu, Yan Fei Sun

Abstract: Urban Rail Transit is an important method of reliving traffic congestion problems of large and medium-sized cities and at the same time...

Authors: Xiang Hong Li, Shou Lin Zhu, Yan Bing Sun

Abstract: Continuous Highway design can ensure driver to travel at speeds which they expect along the highway alignment Evaluation of alignment...


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