Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

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Authors: Li Ying Wang, Meng Huang, Wen Yu Zhang
Abstract: For the hydropower station in the turbine spiral case pressure measurement of the actual traffic volume issue, a data fitting method with an adaptive power function is proposed, a large number of practical examples of the calculations show that the proposed method can be quitely closer to the actual data and its fitting error has been less than other fitting function. So the method is promising in practice.
Authors: Peng Yun Li, An Guo Huang, Chun Xia
Abstract: Evaluation on dynamic energy characteristics of building under earthquake excitation with passive friction damper-protected devices based on finite element method (FEM) is actively carried out in this study. The mechanical model of the dampers is first introduced and the dynamic model of building-damper system is proposed. The evaluation criteria of energy responses are developed and applied to the earthquake response mitigation of a real multi-story building incorporated with friction dampers. The results indicate that the earthquake-induced vibration of the building can be substantially suppressed and the proposed energy evaluation criteria can be effectively utilized in the examination on seismic mitigation performance.
Authors: Hong Ming, Rui Quan
Abstract: Fuel cell is a promising power source for vehicles because of its advantages such as high efficiency, no pollutant of emissions and so on, according to the requirements of fuel cell middle bus powertrain system studied, 60kW automotive fuel cell engine is designed by our group in this paper. Firstly,the structure of the fuel cell engine is analysed, then according to the reliability design requirement, several design measures of the control system are given, then the hardware and software of both the main controller and single cells monitoring system are put forward, to enhance its output dynamic performance in practical operation, the adaptive optimized control strategies based on our experience and simulation results before are also given. Finally, according to the driving cycles, the testing results are presented to proves the good effects of the method adopted, which can provide a guidance to the further study on automotive fuel cell engine of other research organizations.
Authors: Hong Ming, Rui Quan, Shu Hai Quan
Abstract: Fuel cell buses are the research focus all over the world, how to develop the application layer protocol of the powertrain systems is a key technique. According to the cummunication requirement of the powertrain system of 60kW fuel cell middle bus designed by our group, the time triggered CAN(TTCAN) protocol based on SAE J1939 was designed in this paper. In which, the redundant CAN Buses topology structure of powertrain system was established, then the source address, output parameters and parameter groups of each node were defined, and the TTCAN matrix was scheduled with average-loading algorithm. Finally, the analysis and testing results related to the schedulability, real-time capability, period dithering and bandwidth utilization performance were presented, which prove the good effect and validity of the method adopted in this paper.
Authors: Li Min Wang, Xu Ming Han, Ming Li, Chi Jun Zhang, Yan Ting Zhang
Abstract: The immune clonal selection algorithm is used to optimize the parameters in the formula of S growth curve index in the paper, thus we can obtain an assessment model for atmospheric comprehensive pollution that is suitable to the cases of multi-pollutants. Moreover the proposed assessment model is applied in the field of atmosphere assessment. Experimental results show that the assessment method proposed for atmosphere quality has many advantages such as pellucid principle, physical explication and correct assessment results etc. It is a new effective approach for intelligence theory and technology applied in the field of environment. Therefore it has great potential in the field of assessment the atmospheric quality.
Authors: Bing Chen Fan
Abstract: By a method of discriminate analysis, the content of organic matter, alkali hydrolyzadle nitrogen, rapidly available phosphate, rapidly available potassium were used as the identification factors, and soil nutrient data and grain output were analysed. The results of the analysis has indicated that discriminate analysis can determine grades of the soil fertility. The fitting rate was over 80% , and that accuracy of forecast was right. This new method may be tried for determining grades of the soil fertility.
Authors: C. L. Zhao, X. G Ming, X. H. Wang
Abstract: In Complex Product Development (CPD) project, enterprises gather suppliers distributed in time, space under the thought of lean product development. However, increasing number of globally distributed project teams bring with great challenges for virtual projects to arrive at high levels of collaboration. This paper presents a Collaborative Project Management (CPM) framework that aims at improving suppliers’ integration in the process of project management by enhancing collaboration among a multi-tier supplier network. Related concepts, implementation steps and supporting tools in this framework are introduced. Finally, a prototype system was developed to provide enterprise an interface to collaborate with supplier network.
Authors: Li Li Zhai, Ze Yi Yang, Qin Ying Sun
Abstract: To solve the cooperation-conflict negotiation problems among the members of High-tech Virtual Enterprise (HTVE), High-tech Virtual Enterprise Negotiation Support System (HTVE-NSS) based on RIA architecture is put forward. According to the operation characteristics of High-tech Virtual Enterprise, in this system, the structure of High-tech Virtual Enterprise Negotiation Support System is designed, which consists of the problem processing system, the model base system and remote conference system. And HTVE-NSS adopts artificial intelligence technology to design problem processing system (PPS), and uses UML-Petri net to describe the process of model. The architecture of Negotiation Conference System based on Flex and RIA is designed and Red5 Streaming media server is introduced to support conference interaction, which effectively supports the way to solve the conflict between High-Tech Virtual Enterprises by negotiating.
Authors: Ning Li, Xiao Li Xiong, Bing Lin
Abstract: The objective of this study was to convert γ-cyclodextrin to a polymer and further to investigate the potential of using the polymer for the removal of methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution. The sorption properties of γ-cyclodextrin polymer (γ-CDP) toward MB were investigated. The effects of contact time, sorption temperature and initial MB concentration were discussed. Batch sorption studies and kinetic studies have also been performed to understand the MB extraction ability of the γ-CDP. Results of experiments showed that γ-CDP exhibited some sorption capacities toward MB. It was found that kinetics followed Ho and McKay equation and isotherm fitted Langmuir model. The negative values of free energy change indicted the spontaneous nature of sorption.
Authors: Kui Zu Su, Chang Wang, Hui Fang
Abstract: Aerobic granules were cultivated in the sequencing batch reactor at 15-25°C, pH 7.0 ± 0.1. Settling time decreased from 5 minutes to 1 minute gradually. As increasing the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and NH3-N in influent, COD removal efficiency and mixed liquid suspended solids of the reactor increased. Sludge volume index decreased continuously for a few days and then stabilized at 22 ml g-1. Selective pressure induced by settling velocity was proved to play a crucial role in activated sludge granulation. Based on the continuously measured data, the granulation process was divided into three phases, granules namely initiating, developing and maturating.

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