Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

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Authors: Qing Liang Yu, M.M. Ballari, H.J.H. Brouwers
Abstract: In the present article, kinetics of the photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) of nitric oxide (NO, as a typical air pollutant) is addressed. An extended Langmuir-Hinshelwood reaction rate model is proposed to describe the PCO of NO under indoor air conditions. The derived model incorporates the influence of the indoor air conditions in the process of the PCO. The good agreement between the predictions from the model and experimental results indicates the validity of the proposed model.
Authors: Dong Du, Cui Ping Kuang, Rui Huo, Xiao Ming Sun
Abstract: Caofeidian is a large harbor being constructed in north of China. It is greatly meaningful to investigate the pollution situation of this area. In this paper, firstly, a tidal flow and pollutant transport numerical model based on Delft 3D-FLOW was established and verified by measured data to simulate and analyze phosphate distribution in Caofeidian sea area. Then, phosphate concentration under six hydrological conditions (spring, middle and neap tides of flood season; and spring, middle and neap tides of dry season) was computed by this numerical model, and the comparisons were made between the computed phosphate concentration at the boundary of the mixing zones and corresponding water quality standards. At last, the allowances discharge amount and cut rate of phosphate of each outfall was calculated. The results show that the high phosphate concentration appears the sea area around the river outlets of Douhe and Shahe, and the phosphate concentration of Douhe and Shuanglonghe rivers’ mixing zones exceed their allowed standard values, the total phosphate discharge from these rivers must be cut down.
Authors: Jie Li, Yan Juan Liang, Guo Wei Zhang, Ze Hao Liu
Abstract: Field evidence is presented showing that egg production rate and hatching success in the copepod Calanus sinicus were greatly modified during a major late-winter diatom blooms in the Jiaozhou Bay (Yellow Sea). The diatom species composition in this period had shifted to a dominance of Skeletonema costatum and Thalassiosira sp, and comprised about 65% of phytoplankton population among all six sampling stations. Calanus sinicus were examined to determine the effects of the diatom bloom on reproduction and recruitment. The results of egg production rate and hatching success were significantly decreased with the increase of chlorophyll a concentration, indicating that diatom bloom induced negative effect on the copepods population recruitment.
Authors: Xiao Qing Zhang, Chun Lin Li, Qiong Fen Qian
Abstract: Aiming at addressing the problem of optimal allocation of grid resource, a stochastic dynamics model is proposed to research evolutionary game of resource allocation in finite grid population in this paper. The focal point of this model is using a Moran process with frequency dependent selection to find the condition for selection favoring the invasion index and fixation index of gird user’s strategy during the repeated game. Then, according to the characteristics of economic grid, we establish a fixed utility matrix of grid users to quantify the strategy selection dynamics. The numerical experiments show that the strategy of individuals will develop towards different directions under different grid population size for maximizing its own utility.
Authors: Xiang Sun
Abstract: It is hard to search the influence variables and to classify the flowing areas of graduate employment due to the complex factor inputs. Recently the neural network method has been successfully employed to solve the problem. However the classification result is not ideal due to the nonlinearity and noise. In this work, by combining Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA), a KRNN model is presented, based on which, the flowing areas of graduate employment is tried to be classified, and the complex factor problem has been well dealt with. In the model, RNN with Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) as the feature extraction is introduced in as comparison. And then by an empirical study with actual data, it is shown that the proposed methods can both achieve good classification performance comparing with NN method. And the Kernel Principal Component Analysis method performs better than the Principal Component Analysis method.
Authors: Mei Tao, Jin Tao Niu, Bao Dan Jin
Abstract: Experiment uses the Suspension Polymerization, under the dual oxidation-reduction system of H2O2-xanthate and H2O2-FeSO4 initiating, the lipophilic- monomer of BMA is grafted on the frame of cotton fiber which prepares oil-absorbent fiber. It has studied the adsorption kinetics, adsorption transfer and isothermal absorption model of the oil-absorbent fiber for the oily wastewater under 25°C. The result shows that the adsorption kinetics of the oil-absorbent fiber for the oily wastewater accords with pseudo second order kinetic model, it could get that the initial swelling rate is increase with stirring speed increasing from fitting. Particles internal diffusion model analyzing shows that the diffusion rate of external diffusion and particles internal diffusion are similar, increasing the stirring speed could increase the internal diffusion rate and external diffusion rate. Increasing the stirring speed could increase capacity mass transfer rate and it benefits to absorb. The absorbing of oil-absorbent fiber for oily wastewater accords with Langmuir and Freundlich isothermal absorption model.
Authors: Yun Na Wu, Wei Luo, Xi Ba
Abstract: Warehouse management is an extremely elementary and important part of logistics management, its effect would affect the cost of logistics immediately, and thereby it would influence an enterprise’s operation performance as a whole. Taking advantage of information technology to realize warehouse management could increase managing efficiency and record precision and improve economic performance.The article concludes all kinds of functional requirements in warehouse management, like inquiry and retrieval, and then abstract out the general pattern of warehouse management systems and design the system.
Authors: Guan Wen Cheng, Xu Shan, Zhi Chao Wu, Xiang Feng Huang, Fei Juan Zhang
Abstract: This paper mainly studies the use of the activated sludge process with zeolite to upgrade the traditional secondary water treatment plants. With the addition of an appropriate amount of zeolite, the living environment of several micro-organisms in the activated sludge can be improved, thus raising the activity and number of micro-organisms and increasing the level of nitrification. Simultaneously, it also can improve size distribution and structure of sludge particles, the settling property, thus reducing the specific resistance of sludge. However, excess doses of zeolite will increase the viscosity of the sludge, which will reduce the compression performance in sludge thickening. This is not favorable to the operation of the secondary sedimentation tank and the pipeline transport of sludge. Therefore, we suggest the further study of the lower doses of zeolite, to find the optimum effect and eliminate the negative ones.
Authors: Jun Fei Chen, Liu Yang, Yuan Weng
Abstract: The South-to-North Water Transfer Project (SNWTP) in China is a considerable trans-basin water transfer project which can relieve the serious water resources shortage in northern of China and optimize water resources allocation. The construction of SNWTP has strategic importance to transfer the water from south to north and realize the target of water resources allocation. The operational management risks of SNWTP are discussed in this paper and the eastern route of SNWTP is studied as a case. The definition and connotation is given on the risk of operational management of SNWTP and the operational risk factors of SNWTP are distinguished. The index system of operational management risks is established. Considering the uncertainty of the risks of SNWTP, the risk evaluation model based on evidence theory is put forward. The countermeasures for the operational management risks of eastern route of SNWTP is brought up from the aspects of establishing risks management organization, risks management platform and emergency mechanism, technical methods and so on.
Authors: Su Sui Lin, Kwo Ting Fang
Abstract: To understand information system (IS) or information technology (IT), gender differences are the potentially critical issues. Getting more insights into the differences of gender, case study was applied to explore them in information system usage and then compare the difference between man and woman’s System Influence Diagram (SID). Some findings were explored in this study. First, woman put more emphasis on function of information system, yet man focus on management function in organizations. Second, man thought that user habit and perception interacted with information system design. But user habit was just influenced by system design directly in woman’s SID. Third, there was a feedback loop in woman’s SID associated with management function but no feedback loop in man’s SID.

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