Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Liang Yu, M.M. Ballari, H.J.H. Brouwers

Abstract: In the present article, kinetics of the photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) of nitric oxide (NO, as a typical air pollutant) is addressed. An...

Authors: Dong Du, Cui Ping Kuang, Rui Huo, Xiao Ming Sun

Abstract: Caofeidian is a large harbor being constructed in north of China. It is greatly meaningful to investigate the pollution situation of this...

Authors: Jie Li, Yan Juan Liang, Guo Wei Zhang, Ze Hao Liu

Abstract: Field evidence is presented showing that egg production rate and hatching success in the copepod Calanus sinicus were greatly modified...

Authors: Xiao Qing Zhang, Chun Lin Li, Qiong Fen Qian

Abstract: Aiming at addressing the problem of optimal allocation of grid resource, a stochastic dynamics model is proposed to research evolutionary...

Authors: Xiang Sun

Abstract: It is hard to search the influence variables and to classify the flowing areas of graduate employment due to the complex factor inputs....

Authors: Mei Tao, Jin Tao Niu, Bao Dan Jin

Abstract: Experiment uses the Suspension Polymerization, under the dual oxidation-reduction system of H2O2-xanthate and...

Authors: Yun Na Wu, Wei Luo, Xi Ba

Abstract: Warehouse management is an extremely elementary and important part of logistics management, its effect would affect the cost of logistics...

Authors: Guan Wen Cheng, Xu Shan, Zhi Chao Wu, Xiang Feng Huang, Fei Juan Zhang

Abstract: This paper mainly studies the use of the activated sludge process with zeolite to upgrade the traditional secondary water treatment plants....

Authors: Jun Fei Chen, Liu Yang, Yuan Weng

Abstract: The South-to-North Water Transfer Project (SNWTP) in China is a considerable trans-basin water transfer project which can relieve the...

Authors: Su Sui Lin, Kwo Ting Fang

Abstract: To understand information system (IS) or information technology (IT), gender differences are the potentially critical issues. Getting more...


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