Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ling Wang, Jun Yin, Xin Dong Wei, Shang Gao

Abstract: Based on ASM2d, establish a mathematical model to describe the transformation of different components including carbon, nitrogen and...

Authors: Hao Yan Li, Dian Hai Yang, Hai Yan Wu, Qin Lu, Xiang Zheng

Abstract: Three typical external carbon sources (i.e. leachate, hydrolysates from primary sludge and starch solution) with regard to the...

Authors: Jie Zhang, De Ying Li

Abstract: Exterior wall insulation technology is an effective way on saving energy. By using this technology, building envelope insulation performance...

Authors: Chih Hsiu Shen, Chen Yu Chang, Shang Lien Lo

Abstract: Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) has been added into fuel extensively as oxygenate. Due to high water solubility, MTBE is not easy to be...

Authors: Chih Hsiu Shen, Yu Jie Chang, Shang Lien Lo

Abstract: The magnetic photocatalysts (MPCs) can provide both a high specific surface area and an alternative for recovering used catalyst from...

Authors: Sheng Shu Ai, Yan Zuo, Li Guo Wan, Zhen Feng Cui, De Jun Bian

Abstract: Poly-THF production wastewater was treated by Liquid-liquid extraction method, chloroform as extraction agent. the influences of phase ratio...

Authors: Ru Zhang, Anthony N. Tafuri, Richard Field, Shaw L. Yu, Wen Bin Zhou, Hao Zhang

Abstract: Xikeng Reservoir is one of the major water supply reservoirs in Shenzhen. The water quality of Xikeng Reservoir has been poor, with much of...

Authors: Jing Liu, Qing Kai Ren, Xi Tian, Hong Qu, Wen Hua Zhang, De Jun Bian

Abstract: The experiment on phosphorus recovery in PTMEG wastewater by crystallization was studied. The influences of molar ratio, precipitation time,...

Authors: You Bao Wang, Nan Nan Wang, Dan Wu

Abstract: In this study, Chlorophytum comosum was used to restore the artificially polluted soil by pot-planting. The results showed that the...

Authors: Hua Fang, De Fu Xu, Xiao Ru Fu, Yuan Wang, Ji Lai Lu

Abstract: Levels of organic matters in raw water from Huangpu River and treated water from different processes have been investigated. Dissolved...


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