Advances in Civil Engineering, CEBM 2011

Volumes 255-260

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Yuan Huang, Qiang Huang, Sheng Bing Chen, Yuan Yuan Gao

Abstract: The multi-methods of UBF-biological contact oxidation - enhanced coagulation- precipitation - fiber sand filtration has been applied to...

Authors: De Jun Bian, Qing Kai Ren, Li Guo Wan, Sheng Shu Ai, Xi Tian, Hong Qu

Abstract: The flow characteristics and effects of aeration volume on velocity distribution of the fluid in primary reaction zone of multi-flora...

Authors: Chang Lei Dai, Zhi Jun Li, Shao Min Du, Chun He Liu

Abstract: In order to complete the geological survey of Harbin, it is necessary to understand the regime and law of groundwater in Harbin with the...

Authors: Chun Lei Zhang, Qing Song Liu, Jin Bao Liu

Abstract: In order to improve the bearing capacity of dredged sediment dump pond for succeeding foundation reinforcement construction, upper layer was...

Authors: Yu Jie Zhou, Jin Dong Sun, Qing Hua Zhang

Abstract: Energy conservation guides and supports people to save energy of existing buildings energy through policy guidance and painstaking...

Authors: Su Ling Wang, Qing Bin Li, Zhen Xu Sun, Zheng Wei Tian

Abstract: Fracture initiation is a key factor of hydraulic fracturing, as lack of research on fracture initiation position.The perforation geostress...

Authors: Amin Eisazadeh, Khairul Anuar Kassim, Hadi Nur

Abstract: In this research, the time-dependent changes induced in charge characteristics of phosphoric acid and lime treated quartz-rich kaolinitic...

Authors: Rong Yu, Hui Min Wang, Wen Juan Niu

Abstract: Optimal allocations of water resources include initial water allocation and water right exchange in the water market. The spontaneous...

Authors: Ming Fen Niu, Wen Di Xu, Tie Shan Ming, Sai Yue Wang

Abstract: A strain of bacteria X1 that can effectively degrade chlorpyrifos is isolated from the activated sludge in the aeration biological tank of...

Authors: Wei Li, Xiao Min Hu, Wei Wei, Tie Heng Sun

Abstract: The paper is intended to investigate the effect of denitrification and COD removal in the post-denitrification biological filter process,...


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