Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Li

Abstract: Normal transformation technique is often used in practical probabilistic analysis in structural or civil engineering especially when...

Authors: Hai Chun Li, Yu Long Zhang

Abstract: By using the critical point theory of variational method and Lax-Milgram theorem, we obtain the new results for the solution existence of...

Authors: Chang Jiang Liu, Zhou Lian Zheng, Wei Ju Song, Yun Ping Xu, Jun Long

Abstract: Nonlinear vibration computational problem of isotropic thin plates in large amplitude was investigated here. We applied the Von Kármán’s...

Authors: Xiao Li Xiong, Li Bing Jin, Kai Xi Li

Abstract: In calculating the internal force and deformation of a thin-walled member, the influence of the free torsion rigidity must be considered and...

Authors: Ying Jie Chen, Bao Lian Fu, Jie Wu, Bing Liu, Wei He, Lu Liang Wang

Abstract: In this paper mixed variable method is generalized to solve the problem of bending of the triangular plate with three sides clamped under...

Authors: Qing Zhao Zhang, Ming Rong Shen

Abstract: This paper presents a fundamental research in the mechanical properties of the regular jagged discontinuity under various normal stresses in...

Authors: Jian Jun Zheng, Yao Jun Huang, Xin Zhu Zhou

Abstract: To more exactly predict the chloride diffusivity of cement paste, it is essential to determine the two-point probability function of...

Authors: Yuan Chao Liu, Ya Jie Zhang, Ya Jun Wu, Bao Min Sun

Abstract: Carbon nanotube is the one-dimensional carbon nano-materials. The synthesis of carbon nanotubes from pyrolysis flame is a new method....

Authors: Xu Zhao Han, Yu Mei Huang, Chun Chen, Hong Yan Liu, Xing Fang Yang

Abstract: This paper presents a deep research on 2-DOF planar parallel mechanism during developing a new type of hybrid machine tool. The composition...

Authors: Yong Ping Feng, Ming Xiang Deng

Abstract: The fields of applications and design for piezoelectric effect grew rapidly in recent years, and these materials play an important role in...


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