Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Wang, Jian Lin Li

Abstract: The construction of slope or underground engineering often encounters soft rocks, which control the stability of rock engineering, with...

Authors: Kai Wang, Hai Gui Kang, Hai Tao Wang

Abstract: The effect of seepage force on tunnel face stability with pipe roof reinforcement was studied based on the kinematic method of limit...

Authors: Xiao Jun Zhou

Abstract: The method to calculate rock pressure for shallow asymmetric tunnel is analyzed by means of taking a mountainous tunnel with semicircular...

Authors: Yu You Yang, Qin Xi Zhang, Gui He Wang, Jia Xing Yu

Abstract: A soil water characteristic curve (SWCC) can describe the relationship between unsaturated soil matric suction and water content. By...

Authors: Yun Xiang He, Heng Bin Wu

Abstract: The ground-liner interaction research has important engineering value for the underground engineering design optimization and evaluation of...

Authors: Zhi Ding, Guo Bao Ge, Xin Jiang Wei, Jie Hong

Abstract: Considering different types of building structure and foundation, the system refers to acceptable ground settlement and acceptable soil loss...

Authors: Lin Feng Wang, Hong Mei Tang, Hong Kai Chen

Abstract: Shed-tunnel is one of common prevention measures along the highway. First, denoised the rockfall impact signal when the rock impact the...

Authors: Wen Feng Liu, Xing Pan Fu, Jie Ying Sui

Abstract: The analyses on the statistical probability of the response spectra have an important role in determining the earthquake demand. Elastic and...

Authors: Hong Fang Wang, Jiang Chun Hu, Jin Jing Cui

Abstract: Latent crack has no obvious effect on fracture process in the shallow rock engineering. As the project entered into deep part, there...

Authors: Hua Hu, Meng Yun Zhu

Abstract: The soft soil is covered widely in China. Soft soil has obvious rheological character, it will induce landslide etc serious geologic...


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