Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Su, Yue Ting Du, Jia Zhong Wu

Abstract: Different landslide analysis methods were compared in this paper, and the analysis method of levee project seismic landslide risk...

Authors: Qiang Huang, Ying Na Dong, Zhi Da Li

Abstract: The stress field monitor and rheological analysis have been done during excavation. The field monitoring data are compared with numerical...

Authors: Gang Qiang Kong

Abstract: The belled wedge pile, which can improves the friction of pile shaft, tip resistance and reduce the influence of negative skin friction, is...

Authors: Gui He Wang, Yu You Yang

Abstract: As there are more and more high-rise buildings in the big cities, some new foundation pits are usually near old high-rise construction. In...

Authors: Yu You Yang, Qin Xi Zhang, Gui He Wang, Chen Liu

Abstract: The test of soil water characteristic curve (SWCC) and its mathematic model are present. The SWCC can describe the relationship between...

Authors: Li Nong Xia, Yun Dong Miao, Xin Tong, Shun Li

Abstract: In order to study influences of different load at pile top on the behaviors of negative skin friction piles, field tests of negative skin...

Authors: Zhen Hao Xu, Shu Cai Li, Li Ping Li, Shao Shuai Shi

Abstract: In order to avoid heavy casualties and economic losses, and to get an insight into flow state evolution laws of water inflow and inrush in...

Authors: Qun Lu, Jin Hui Zong, Jian Xin Zhang

Abstract: The FEM mehods for simulating the penetration of jacked pile were summarized. Using the displacement penetration method, the complete...

Authors: Hong Ke Pan, Yu Guo Zhang, Jiang Chun Hu, Lin De Yang

Abstract: Shallow multi-arch tunnel under unsymmetrical pressure has complex mechanical behavior to which further study is lacking at present. The...

Authors: Zi Jian Wang, Sheng Xie Xiao

Abstract: This article in a typical road slope model as an example, through large-scale general-purpose finite element simulation software...


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