Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Wang

Abstract: In order to explore the proper modified materials of the raw-soil building in mountain area, the raw-soil modified materials now being used...

Authors: Shi Guo Xiao, Wen Kai Feng

Abstract: Near-field ground shock features are analyzed according to the seismological record of the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake made at the Wolong...

Authors: Wei Lo, Po Shou Chang

Abstract: According to past experiences, the collapse of tunneling work always triggered a chain reaction of collateral damage and caused a...

Authors: De Yun Ding, Xiu Ren Yang, Wei Dong Lu, Wei Ning Liu, Mei Yan

Abstract: Constructing a metro station by enlarging an existing large-diameter shield tunnel can be considered as an attempt to build metro...

Authors: Xiao Hui Yuan, Yue Wang Han

Abstract: Grout flow pattern and rheological parameters determine grouting pressure transfer process in annular tail void and filling rate for shield...

Authors: Zong Jun Sun, Xiao Bin Liu, Yan Kai Wu, Qian Chao Luan

Abstract: Pit foundation excavation leads both settlement and uneven settlement in the building foundation. It has settlement cracks in masonry and...

Authors: Fu Xiang Jiang, Lei Xin, Tie Jun Zhao, Xiao Mei Wan

Abstract: The total porosity of high performance concrete specimens after different level uniaxial tensile loading were measured to reflect the damage...

Authors: Xiu Bin Gong, Qing Lai Fan, Yong Jie Xu

Abstract: Based on the framework of the FEM, the three-dimensional numerical analysis for evaluating the efficiency of pile groups of large diameter...

Authors: Jin Xing Lai, Xiao Wei Liu, Fei Zhou

Abstract: At present, the new Austrian tunneling method is basically used as the theoretical guidance for domestic tunnel design, which shows that the...

Authors: Shi Lun Feng, Jie Liu, Jun Li, Pu Lin Li, Yong Han

Abstract: Deep excavations release stresses in the earth and redistribute these stresses causing deformation. The pressure loss due to excavation may...


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