Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Jun Zuo, Yong Bin Zhang, Shu Cai Li, Yi Ping Zhang, Chun Chun Chen

Abstract: Nnumerical tests on three-dimensional failure process of rock samples containing vertical wall semi-arched tunnel with and without...

Authors: He Ran Yu, Xiao Jun Zhou, Xiao Bo Wang

Abstract: By numerical simulation approach, this paper analyzed a new construction method for over-cross tunnel. In this method one concrete framework...

Authors: Hamayon Tokhi, Gang Ren, Yi Min Xie

Abstract: Pile Dynamic Formulas are the oldest and frequently used method to determine bearing capacity of piles. The more recent method is based on...

Authors: Yong Fen Ruan, Xing Zhou Hang, Shi Sheng Li, Dong Wang

Abstract: The large talus landslide of is very complicated and difficult to deal with. In order to make a good research on the influence of rainfalls...

Authors: Baydaa Hussain Maula, Ling Zhang

Abstract: Liquefaction phenomenon which has produced severe damage all over the world was studied under earthquake record of 0.5g; one of the major...

Authors: Xiang Yang Chen, Heng Zhen Yan, Xin Xi Liu

Abstract: When highly weathered weak rock used to fill embankment, compaction character and wetting deformation character are major evaluation...

Authors: Ji Feng Liu, Xiu Qin Cui

Abstract: For verifying pile bearing capacity improvement by post-grouting on tip and side and the decrease of building settlement, 10 tip and side...

Authors: Ji Zhu Sun, Wen Hui Xiao

Abstract: Considering the long-term atmospheric weathering effects on expansive soil strength, geogrid reinforcement effects of expansive soil slope...

Authors: Hai Rong Ding, Jun Yong Rao

Abstract: Elastic hinge model is one kind of reasonable models to analysis shield tunnel. However, no formulas are valid to calculate inner force...

Authors: Ming Wu Wang, Kang Ge, Da Rong Zhu

Abstract: Foundation treatment of expansive soils is a complex worldwide problem. Herein engineering behaviors of expansive soils and improved...


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