Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mi Zhou, Jian Hou, Yue Zhang, Wan Cheng Yuan

Abstract: The paper deals with experimental activity on 4 scale-models of elevated pile cap foundation belonging to a real bridge. The foundation was...

Authors: Rui Hong Wang, Yu Zhou Jiang, Jing Guo, Shi Yi Wen

Abstract: For geotechnical engineering, it has great significance to research the mechanical characteristics of rock mass under three dimensional...

Authors: Li Na Guo

Abstract: This paper summarized the research of an unsaturated soil elastoplastic model(BBM), then a revised elastoplastic incremental stiffness...

Authors: Qi Neng Weng, Yong Yuan, Qian Guan Zhang

Abstract: Bolts are widely used in slope engineering, tunnel and large cave supporting structures, as well as restoration of engineering structures....

Authors: Jin Jiang YU, Qian Gong Cheng, Cheng Hui Li, Hua Wen

Abstract: Based on the foundation treatment for deep soft soil in Chaoshan station district, this paper studied the engineering characteristics of...

Authors: Jia Yan Zheng, Hai Jing Liu

Abstract: Void between road tunnel liner and surrounding rock is one of the most frequent defects in tunnel engineering. In this paper, contact method...

Authors: Jia Yan Zheng, Hai Jing Liu, Zong Liang Zou

Abstract: This paper presents defects inspection and cause analysis of six road tunnels in Chongqing based on information of construction, operation...

Authors: Wei Wang, Shi Chao Liao, Peng Ding, Dong Zhu Chen

Abstract: Back-cavity of lining is a main factor resulting in tunnel defect. But as the concealment of the cavities behind linings, it is hard to...

Authors: Jing You Hu, Jian Bin Xie, Wei Li, Cheng Hui Li

Abstract: In this paper, according to the hydrogeology and the surrounding of a 20 meters depth city deep foundation pit which has complex...

Authors: Lin Ping Xiao, Yong Shu Li

Abstract: The dissolution of limestone and dolomite is simulated by experiments. The thermodynamic equations are established to study quantitatively...


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