Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Li, Hong Kai Chen

Abstract: It’s very common that there are cavities after the lining and seriously affects the health of the tunnels. According to the status that the...

Authors: Hai Wang, Wei Qing Liu, Shu Guang Wang, Dong Sheng Du, Ding Zhou

Abstract: This paper puts attention on the application of Chebyshev complex polynomials in the development of lumped-parameter model of surface...

Authors: Xiang Qiu Wang, Wen Tian Liu, Zhi Guo Zhou, Yu Hong Zhang

Abstract: Methods of design and technological demands of construction are expounded for the structure with pre-stress tubular pile and anchor in the...

Authors: Anuchit Uchaipichat, Ekachai Man Koksung

Abstract: An experimental program of laboratory bearing tests was performed to characterize the bearing capacity of foundation on unsaturated granular...

Authors: Yan Kai Wu, Bin Niu

Abstract: Deep mixing column (DMC) is a commonly used effective reinforcement in the treatment for Soft Foundation. In the DMC construction, due to...

Authors: Jin Tuan Zhang

Abstract: At present, a lot of highway and railway development tend into use the bridge to replace of the road basis. It makes the construction of...

Authors: Hua Wen, Song Gu, You Wen Su, Bao Long Zhu

Abstract: Take over-wet soil as research object, this paper presents the results of field test to verify the effect and feasibility of ash mixing...

Authors: Song Gu, Hua Wen, You Wen Su, Bin Jia

Abstract: According to the similarity theory, this paper presents a similar model with the similar geometric load and boundary condition to analyze...

Authors: Hon Gjia Liu, Yu Ming Men, Liang Xia Cheng, Xun Chang Li

Abstract: Against loess landslide control, two physical model tests of loess landslide have been completed. Test I is model test of loess landslide...

Authors: Amin Chegenizadeh, Hamid Nikraz

Abstract: Composite soils have been widely used in civil engineering applications, especially in slopes, embankment dam and landfills. This paper aims...


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