Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Min Han, Ming Lei Sun, Yong Quan Zhu

Abstract: Guanjiao tunnel being reconstructed is the key engineering in the 2nd line between Xingning and Golmud. It is 32.645km long....

Authors: Ming Ji, Nong Zhang

Abstract: The weight and length, width and height of three directions of cuboids’ type calcareous mudstone after infiltrated with water in different...

Authors: Meng Yang, Xiao Min Liu

Abstract: This paper introduces a new failure mode pattern of soil slope – the logarithmic spiral slippery fracture. A mathematical model for the...

Authors: Sheng Jun Shao, Ai Zhong Luo

Abstract: All true tri-axial experimental apparatuses are usually applied to test the mechanics characteristics of soils under complicated stress...

Authors: Rui Chen, Zai Hong Li, Wei Dong Lei, Wen Bin Luo

Abstract: In current engineering practice, the effect of strength anisotropy on stability analysis of tailings dam is often ignored. This paper...

Authors: Wei Dong Lei, Tie Lin Fu, Rui Chen, Wen Bin Luo

Abstract: The location of phreatic line of a tailings dam is of significant importance on the stability of the tailings dam. In this study, extensive...

Authors: Wei Dong Lei, Feng Zhao, Shui Ping Wang

Abstract: A new geometric correction method in processing close range digital photograph is presented. All the critical steps involved in the...

Authors: Wei Dong Lei, Kai Li, Xue Ping Wang

Abstract: Reasonable distribution of the rock fragmentation can reduce the overall cost in a mining industry. Digital image processing technique can...

Authors: Xiang Hui Deng

Abstract: The in-situ stress is one of important basic data for stability evaluation, engineering design and construction of tunnels. For southwest...

Authors: Yong Jian Zhu

Abstract: According to the actual state of the 1150 horizontal main haulageway of Tailai colliery is in the affected areas of many faults, both on the...


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