Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Gang Li, Ke Peng Hou, Ze Yang

Abstract: A lot of slopes will be formed in the process of engineering construction, and how to ensure the slope stability has become a very key field...

Authors: Ming Lei Sun, Hong Jian Li, Zhi Chun Liu

Abstract: Gypsum breccia is a kind of soft rock-hard soil, and its component is complex. It has poor cementation, low intensity, strong water...

Authors: Chuan Sheng Chen, Shi Zhi Wen

Abstract: In this paper, concerning the geotechnical properties and erosion circumstances of Jinjiang riverbank of Yangtze River, field on-site...

Authors: Lin Rong Xu, Zhi Man Su, Keizo Ugai, Fei Cai, Qing Qing Yang

Abstract: Google Earth (GE) has powerful functions to view landscapes in fairly realistic three dimensions (3D) as well provides digital elevation...

Authors: Nian Peng, Lin Kun Gan

Abstract: With the increase of traffic volume, the enlarging tunnel span and the decreasing of surrounding rock integrity, the level of surrounding...

Authors: Ying Min Li, Lu Wang, Li Ping Liu

Abstract: Based on the Winkler's hypothesis, this paper discusses how to determine the spring constant of groundwork in design of underground...

Authors: Yong Le Li, Jiang Feng Wang, Qian Wang, Kun Yang

Abstract: based on the finite element method of superstructure-the pile raft foundation-the foundation soil action and interaction are studied....

Authors: Xian Yang, Ke Neng Zhang

Abstract: In the construction of shield tunnel, the strength of reinforced soil in the front of departure shaft concerns directly the security of...

Authors: Zhen Qiang Ni, Ji Ming Kong, A. Fayou

Abstract: The initiation is the core issue in debris flow study, it’s the basis of debris flow disaster prevention, and the research on transformation...

Authors: Zhao Qing Zhu, Wei Ming Gong

Abstract: The in-situ tests of horizontal bearing capacity on inclined steel pipe piles were conducted in the sea near Shanghai. Based on the field...


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