Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Ji, Jian Wen Ding, Zhen Shun Hong, Yue Gui

Abstract: A series of model tests were performed on dredged clay with high initial water contents for investigating the dewatering behavior by...

Authors: Guo Xiong Wu, Xiang Shou Chen, Jing Sheng Ding, Wang Fei Ding

Abstract: The combined influence of the earthquakes and the widespread red-bed soft rock as fill material necessitates the increasing attention on the...

Authors: Guo Xiong Wu, Gao Yun Cheng, Jing Sheng Ding, Jie Luo

Abstract: The widespread red-bed soft rock, characterized by its poor engineering properties as road building materials, plus the frequent large...

Authors: Lian Jun Guo, Ai Ping Fei

Abstract: In order to analysis the crack lengths of the different rocks which penetrated by the linear shaped charge jet with uneven thickness clad...

Authors: Cheng Zhong Gong, Chun Lin He, Yue Xin She, Wen Bin Sun

Abstract: Beipan River Bridge is located on the Beipan River Grand Canyon in the middle of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. The bridge pile, diameter of 2.8m,...

Authors: Jun Ying Guo, Rong Ji Li, Hui Fang Shen

Abstract: Through mathematical statistics analyses of basic PM indexes of Zhejiang soft soil samples, obtained are the statistics of soft soil PM...

Authors: Xiao Ling Liu, Shi Mei Wang, Yun Zhi Tan, Xin Jiang Hu, Dai Peng Zhao

Abstract: The choice of similar materials and the design of mix proportions is a key step in landslide model test. On the basis of experiment, we...

Authors: Feng Yi Tan, Jia Li Ren, Zhi Quan Jiang, Sheng Gang Hu, Quan Gong

Abstract: The different treatments, such as the sleeve valve grouting method and the high pressure grouting with sleeve valve grouting method is...

Authors: Feng Yi Tan, Rong Hua Zou, Han Bing Hu, Zu Kai Lin

Abstract: The swelling rock slope reinforced by geogrid with wrapped face was one of reinforced methods in the swelling rock test region of main canal...

Authors: Feng Yi Tan, Xin Zhi Wang

Abstract: The bearing performance of composite foundation improved by flexible piles was influenced by changes of cushion’s modulus, the modulus ratio...


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