Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Guo Xie

Abstract: With the development of network in the society, internet surfing has already become one of the unprecedented living styles for people,...

Authors: Jing Luo, Yang Ming Qian, Sheng Xin Weng, Huai Yong Li

Abstract: The application of Digital Medical Technology in Navy fleet voyage is an effective means for medical treatment efficiency improvement,...

Authors: Jing Luo, Yang Ming Qian, Li Li Tian, Huai Yong Li

Abstract: With current status of medical staffing and healthcare resources, identifying the issues in the process of treatment with hospital ship...

Authors: Bing Hu, Chao Deng, Juan Ye

Abstract: B/S mode don’t need client download any software as long as client installed a browser, and can implement multipoint to multipoint...

Authors: Lei Chen

Abstract: To solve the Grid resource discovery framework problem, this paper proposes the resource discovery mechanism based on Peer-to-Peer (P2P)....

Authors: Zhi Chao Xue, Ying Yong Li, Zhi Ming Chen

Abstract: Through integrating the technologies of video images wireless transmission, license plate recognition, GPS, GPRS wireless transmission and...

Authors: Xiao Gang Luo, Wang Zhi Wen, Wang Wei Fang

Abstract: Based on the literature research and web investigation, taking the websites of secondary schools in Leeds UK as a sampling frame, the...

Authors: Xiu Ju Duan, Qiang He, Ya Li Liu

Abstract: Biological Aerated Filter has many advantages, such as small volume, high treatment efficiency, etc. This research focus on sewage treatment...

Authors: Lian Hui Liu, Juan He

Abstract: To classify the difficulty of the experiments is the basis of the effective mutlit-level experimental instruction. In this paper, we employ...

Authors: Wang Li Li, Ling Jiang

Abstract: This paper had investigated the current situation of Science Curriculum in Primary School at Li County in Hunan Province, and analyzed the...


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