Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Gao, Zhen Jin

Abstract: An SEIR epidemic transmission model is formulated under the assumption that the force of infection at the present time depends on the number...

Authors: Lian Wei Ren, Xin Wang, Guang Yong Wang

Abstract: Practical teaching is a very important practical instructional segment in the period of undergraduate course of geotechnical engineering....

Authors: Xiao Mei Chen, Dang Gang, Tian Yang

Abstract: The algorithm of anomaly detection for large scale networks is a key way to promptly detect the abnormal traffic flows. In this paper,...

Authors: Yan Ping Bi, Su Rui Li, He Yun Zhao

Abstract: With the development of information technology, multi-media teaching has been applied widely in various colleges and institutions. In the...

Authors: Zhong Xun Wang, Fang Qiang Zhu, Li Liu, Juan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a new bit-flipping decoding algorithm for low-density parity-check codes based on loop detection mechanism,...

Authors: Rui Ping Chen, Zhong Xun Wang, Xin Qiao Yu

Abstract: Decoding algorithms with strong practical value not only have good decoding performance, but also have the computation complexity as low as...

Authors: Guo Xi Zheng, Shan Shan Han

Abstract: With the popularity and the development of computers and building electronic industry, people demand for higher living environment at...

Authors: Guo Xi Zheng, Qiao Min

Abstract: This article first elaborates Huaiyang Clay Dogs through their historical and cultural background as well as species classification,...

Authors: Ai Ying Bu, Jing Wang

Abstract: This paper advocates the humanism design for children room, proposing "soho and personalized" design concept. Its purpose is to explore the...

Authors: Sheng Qian Ma

Abstract: Modern science contains a rich and profound content, each subject contend, overlapping and fusion, coruscate the strong vitality. The...


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