Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao He Yan, Shao Xing Su

Abstract: Because very high or low velocity tracking will influence on product quality, velocity tracking must be proper high. So Controller of tall...

Authors: Hong Tao Wang

Abstract: The paper gives the hybrid computational intelligence learning algorithm with global convergence, which is combined by BP algorithm and...

Authors: Yun Fei Cui, Xin Ming Li, Ke Wei Dong, Ji Lu Zhu

Abstract: Resource scheduling is the key port of cloud computing resource management. One excellent method may enhance the efficiency of the whole...

Authors: Jing Chen, Fang Min Zeng, Shu Tao Dong

Abstract: Traditional viewshed analysis method is usually based on datum plane and local space area, which can not meet the accuracy requirement of...

Authors: Li Gang Tai, Dian Qi Li, Tie Jun Zhao, Tong Jiang

Abstract: This paper introduces a mechanical product intelligent design platform. It presents a product information representation model, gives out...

Authors: Han Gao, Ben Guo Liu, Su Fang Fu

Abstract: Based on a series of single factor experiments, response surface methodology was employed to predict optimum conditions for domestication of...

Authors: Han Gao, Su Fang Fu

Abstract: The effects of different prescriptions on the sensory evaluation of jujube beverages were investigated with the method of fuzzy...

Authors: Zhi Hui Ma, Shu Fan Wang, Wen Ting Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed a predator-prey system incorporating Rosenzweig functional response and prey refuges. We will consider the...

Authors: Dan Hui Wu

Abstract: The basic form of Duffing equation is firstly analyzed in this paper; and then, it describes the principle of weak signal detection based on...

Authors: Gui Fa Li, Shi Qiang Lu, Jun Wei Liu, Ping Peng

Abstract: Based on the method of LST/QST improved in the molecular orbital DMol3 program, with the aid of the minimum energy path (MEP) in...


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