Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Liu, Yin Xiao Ma

Abstract: For satisfy people’s various need, some websites consist of pages that are dynamically generated using a common template populated with data...

Authors: Jie Yang, Gui Xiong Liu

Abstract: Quality prediction and control methods are crucial in acquiring safe and reliable operation in process quality control. A hierarchical...

Authors: Wei Bing Weng, Guang Jun Yang, Yun Zhang, Jian Wu

Abstract: As a node of a supply chain, plant plays a key role in the network, which has been a strategic topic in the study of supply chain management...

Authors: Hai Yang Zou, Sha Sha Chen, Xiao Feng Lai

Abstract: In this paper, discrete Hopfield neural networks with weight function matrix(WFM) and delay(DHNNWFMD) are presented. And we obtain an...

Authors: Xiu Zhen He

Abstract: In view of the shortcomings existing in the physical fitness and mental health detection systems both at home and abroad, a kind of...

Authors: Yu Kui Sheng, Wan Lian Lan

Abstract: Integrated logistics is the systematic logistics. It views many logistics activities as a whole. Integrated logistics is widely used in...

Authors: Yu Kui Sheng, Wan Lian Lan

Abstract: Computer Integrated Manufacturing System is an advanced manufacturing management mode widely used in manufacturing enterprise. It is a...

Authors: Zhang Jia, Li Yan Han

Abstract: This paper focus on the private benefit of large shareholder’s control right within the framework of Agency Theory 2 and construct a model...

Authors: Shui Fa Guan, Jiong Shen

Abstract: The aim of the study is to analyze attitudes and behavior toward exercise one hour every day by means of questionnaire survey method by...

Authors: Qian Hua Fang, Hui Kang

Abstract: The use of literature, survey interviews, comparative and other research methods, a comprehensive analysis of Physical Education...


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