Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Feng Gui, Xin Li

Abstract: In this research paper, the relationship between the athletics standard of a badminton player and his psychological diathesis would be...

Authors: Hao Quan Li, Yong Zhong Wu

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to answer the question: Is personality pattern of “good teacher” quite different from the one of “bad teacher”?...

Authors: Hong Yu Wu, Bo Shi

Abstract: Research on behavioral intention model theory, with the national equestrian team, national basketball team and the 2010 National University...

Authors: Yi Xie

Abstract: The questionnaire and logical reasoning are adopted in the thesis to research new media issues in China Mobile. The results show that more...

Authors: Lei Zhou, Jing Fen Du, Yu Qiang Sun, Yu Wan Gu

Abstract: How to speed up Web Server is one important problem to increase the speed of accessing information and knowledge effectively. Through...

Authors: Peng Liang, Huang Yu

Abstract: This paper first provides some context for understanding the Japanese and Chinese venture capital industry. Then it set forth an evolution...

Authors: Jie Jing Cheng, Jing Jing Huang

Abstract: The application of distributed technology in informational education, which is user-centered, provides a reliable, secure, swift and easy...

Authors: Kun Qu, Yue Zhang

Abstract: In this paper we prove the global existence for the two-dimensional Euler equations in the critical Besov space. Making use of a new...

Authors: Huan Qi Tao, Yu Chuan Wu

Abstract: In this paper, basic content and development of power presented; and the present condition of inverter power supply is discussed; then...

Authors: Hong Sheng Tan, Xia Ming Yuan, Ji Hong Zhu

Abstract: For the angular velocity gyro drift and noise and the inertial navigation solution of the integral nature, the navigation error of the...


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