Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Liu, Yue Ren

Abstract: Pen pressure has enabled a new degree of freedom for interactions in pen-based user interfaces, which has been shown the potential in...

Authors: Kang Shao

Abstract: The practice teaching of specialty to the ability training of students of economic management field is very important. Some shortcomings...

Authors: Hai Bin Shi, Yi Li

Abstract: It’s a worthy research topic to use genetic algorithm for classification rules in data mining. In this paper, it was studied and researched...

Authors: Han Han, Hou Jun Wang, Cheng Ti Huang, Bin Long

Abstract: Bus reliability is essential for maintaining the steady state of electrical network in power plants and power transformer stations....

Authors: Zhen Dong Mu, Zhen Zhong Zhan

Abstract: With the rapid development of software industry, in response to development in software technology, improve the market competitiveness of...

Authors: Cheng Ti Huang, Ruey Wen Liu, Hou Jun Wang, Cheng Lin Yang

Abstract: This presentation proposed an autocorrelation-based signal detection scheme to get a better resulting. The signal detection scheme is...

Authors: Liu Jie Yang

Abstract: For the sake of change our country the irregularity of the common high school athletics professional traditional teaching mode, improve a...

Authors: Jian Jun Wu, Da Hai Zhao, Wei Wan

Abstract: Small unmanned aircraft for civil and military has a wide range of applications. The design of traditional UAV avionics system is use...

Authors: Qian Zhao Lei

Abstract: In order to better adapt to the modern physics experiments under intelligent conditions, we examined a number of modern physics experiment...

Authors: Dan Er Chen

Abstract: In daily life, we rely on other people's suggestions or by word of mouth or recommendation letters and book reviews printed in newspapers...


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