Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Guang Jiang, Jun Kai Yi, Gao Hui Bian

Abstract: In this paper, by using skin-color feature, especial location and pixel features of eyes in face area, an efficient face detection algorithm...

Authors: Juan Wang, Jian Guo Xia, Le Min Tang

Abstract: To compare the differences of the gross tumor volume(GTV) of lung cancer defined by radiologists and radiation oncologists and evaluate the...

Authors: Juan Wang, Hui Qun Wu, Jian Guo Xia, Le Min Tang

Abstract: To determine the variation in delineation of the gross tumor volume(GTV) of lung cancer on CT images with different window width(WW) and...

Authors: Jin Wu

Abstract: This paper gives a particular description about the packets routing procedure in mobile IP systems through a practical network topology. How...

Authors: Ren He Zhen

Abstract: This article employs single closed loop of voltage negative feedback circle to explore the welding wire sending system of arc welder, as the...

Authors: Ying Peng Guo, Hui Wang

Abstract: Data center develops rapidly in recent years. With the emergence of new equipment and technology, data center network encounters many...

Authors: Qing Fu Huang, Jian Wu Yang, Zhi Cheng Chen

Abstract: With the development of the technology and society, the resolution of the wireless LAN would be the direction which is leading the smart...

Authors: Bei Hua Cong, Xin Han, Jun Lin

Abstract: With regard to road tunnel fire situation, the smoke extraction system is very important for effective control of fire temperature as well...

Authors: Xin Han, Bei Hua Cong

Abstract: Successful World Expo is first a safe Expo and a safe Expo needs reliable fire security. Based on the general requirement of planning and...

Authors: Xin Han, Bei Hua Cong, Xiao Ming Wu

Abstract: The smoke characteristics of tunnel fire are preliminarily concerned with the heat release, the tunnel geometry, smoke outlet geometry, etc....


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