Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Hua Zhang, Yan Qing Wu

Abstract: A Multimedia Emergency Communication System based on Wireless Mesh Network in Coal Mine(MECS-WMN) is proposed. Audio, video, environmental...

Authors: Bo Ying Qin, Xian Kun Lin

Abstract: In order to dispose sensors to reasonable freedom degrees, and reflect adequately the dynamic characteristics of tested structure, the...

Authors: Bo Ying Qin, Xian Kun Lin

Abstract: In the dynamic testing, the sensor positions have a major influence on the quality of the experimental modal parameters of a tested...

Authors: Ya Luo, Yang Li

Abstract: The analysis technology of Information hiding is introduced. Through the analysis of examples of the different carriers embedded in the same...

Authors: Ya Luo, Yang Li

Abstract: With the widely used of software technology, how to build a trusted software system has become a hot topic in the academic field. However,...

Authors: Song Xiao Cao, Xuan Yin Wang, Xiao Jie Fu, Ke Xiang

Abstract: We present a servo control model in a particle filter to realize robust visual object tracking. Particle filter has attracted much attention...

Authors: Yong Li Ma

Abstract: A number of serious security issues have already occurred with the rapid deployment of electronic transaction. One approach to guaranteeing...

Authors: Chun Xia Yang, Bin Zhen, Li Li, Jing Huang, Peng Jiao

Abstract: Soil erosion processes and erosion distribution was research focus to establish distributed mathematical equation in the soil erosion areas,...

Authors: Chun Xia Yang, Bin Zhen, Li Li, Jie Hu, Peng Jiao

Abstract: GIS technology and fractal theory provide a powerful tools in the soil erosion study.Based on GIS and three-dimensional laser,and under...

Authors: Xiao Mei Wang, Fei Tang

Abstract: Due to the particularity of business administration, the students should not only possess systematized expertise,but also focus on the...


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