Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bi Gang Hong

Abstract: Education and trainning for employees is playing an increasing part in the management of human resouces. E-learning,which contrasts...

Authors: Chien Hung Lai, Cheng Yuan Sung, Bin Shyan Jong, Pai Feng Lee

Abstract: Using grouping strategies for students precede cooperative learning heterogeneous grouping, students who have different styles or learning...

Authors: Han Yu Guo, Xiu Juan Yan, Jian Feng Hu

Abstract: Orders education enables students to adapt enterprise’s post request rapidly and smooth the students’ transition from student to worker. It...

Authors: Fang Qi Cheng

Abstract: To avoid the defects of plastic products and improve product quality have been an important problem for mold designers. In this paper,...

Authors: Fang Qi Cheng

Abstract: Cultivating high-skilled and higher vocational applied talents is the main objective of talent cultivation for higher vocational education....

Authors: Ran Zhen, Hua Meng, Xue Li Wu, Jia Li, Shi Ming Liu

Abstract: “electric control and PLC” is a specified course with much practicability. Its teaching content comes from producing practice. As the...

Authors: Kai Ma, Yan Jiang

Abstract: Computer Basis is one of public obligatory courses in university. According to its characteristic and the different computer skills of...

Authors: Shao Jun Chen

Abstract: The most important issue for online courses is to provide learners with high quality satisfacion. In order to resolve the question and...

Authors: Ling Ling Guo, Man Yuan, Yu Fu

Abstract: Practical teaching is an important part of computer education, and the innovative ability is the key to train the applied undergraduate...

Authors: Jian Hong Yang, Min Li, Hao Sun, Hong Gang Yi, Lu Cao

Abstract: A method for setting up flexible and web based remote laboratory for mechatronics system experiment course is proposed. Unlike most current...


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