Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Chang

Abstract: Given the training objectives of higher vocational education, analyzed teaching model of modular course, discussed the conversion of this...

Authors: Yan Xin Hu

Abstract: Introduced the mobile learning content, analyzed the basic features of mobile learning, designed mobile leaening system based on campus, and...

Authors: Jian Kang Liu

Abstract: With significant meaning, the application of virtual reality technology in sports field is a revolutionary tradition education mode. A high...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Lin Na Zhao

Abstract: Because of the multi-user and multi-function characteristics of the Teaching Management System of universities, the application system is...

Authors: Hong Bin Peng, Jun Ping Gou, Xuan Liu

Abstract: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is the highlight in the computer and education area. U.S. Virtual math teams (Virtual Math...

Authors: Lu Yi Li, Yan Lin Zheng, Fang Lin Zheng

Abstract: This paper proposes a framework for the design of blended learning that consists of three key considerations: what to blend, how to blend...

Authors: Yong Wang

Abstract: With flourishes of computer technology and general application of multimedia technology, this easy, beginning with education features in new...

Authors: Yong Wang

Abstract: This article combines the Implementation of Personnel Training Sheme(2010 edition) worked out/ formulated by my college, especially the...

Authors: Chang Ji Wang, Guang Zhang, Cui Lin Li

Abstract: Information security learning and teaching are always a challenge because cryptography algorithms and network security protocol are complex...

Authors: Xiang Li, Yue Shun He, Xuan Zhan

Abstract: Virtual network experiment is an important part of the current network teaching resources construction. In this paper, Combined with the...


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